How Can Technology Make a Classroom Engaging?

How Can Technology Make a Classroom Engaging?

One of the greatest ideas of improving the progress in the performance of students is to engage them with technology. Many students own cell phones, use social media sites, some of them share their own work like creating images, stories, quotes, art and

 more. And most of the student interact themselves with instant messages, texts and chat.

Computers, Mobiles devices, iPads, iPhones and other wireless devices attract students and they love to work with it. And when students love technology to that extent, why shouldn't we use technology to increase engagement in the classroom? Yes, there are many ways of engaging students with technology. Let’s go in brief about them.

Through Online Polls, Quizzes, and Contests:

If you ask questions in a classroom, some students who know the answer, will answer you, then there would be some who might not know the answer but some students won’t answer even if they know the answer. The third category belongs to shy category, they don’t try to get highlighted but they are interested to answer in directly. I personally know such a feeling. If you implement using wireless devices and allow students post comments, doubts online, you will surely get response and it’s a great way to engage every student. All the students participate in the polls, quizzes and contests through online and in this sense you can make their performance progressive in offline activities too. Img src





Game based Learning:

game based learning

In recent years, Games have long been an effective way to engage kids. Game-based learning has received increased attention as a way to motivate students and engage them with the material.

They key finding from this survey found that 67% use traditional and digital games in the classroom. Just 22% said they didn’t have time to integrate digital games and 56% say they don’t have adequate access to computers for digital game time.

As you know, many students like to play games, implementing technology to utlize the game power will surely matter.  There are numerous Educational Games available on the web which focus on student learning.  Let your students play them. It’ll surely be beneficial.

Video based learning:

The learning style for some students might be video based. And it’s an awesome way of improving the students’ performance.  Words just make students to understand for sometime, but any concept through a video can be remembered for a longer period of time. You can make them know what exactly you want to tell. Most of the institutions already realize its importance. There are so many educational videos specially on YouTube, and those lessons can be enhanced by flipping them. You can teach them typing key words for the topic they want to know, in this sense, they can learn from anywhere. And there are so many professional teachers uploading their lectures so that teachers will also get expertise by watching them. You can show them several videos, animations, projects so that they will get practical knowledge.

Rather than just describing how heart works, you can show them through a video. So, engaging through this way in the classroom will surely be beneficial.

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Digital Learning:

Instead of asking them to write assignments, ask them to decide depending on their learning style and make whether a presentation, audio and podcasts, video, infographic on the concept you want them to learn. In this sense, their verbal skills and creative skills will be increased. Presentations or a Prezi will be a great option than long old style essays. As many students don’t like assignments it’s necessary for teachers to tackle this problem by allowing them to choose their form of assignment.

As students love using new technologies in classroom, hope this article will help you to know how technology can make a classroom engaging.  It’ll make them learn lot of skills. Teaching will be easier with proper use of technology. So discuss with your administration regarding implementation of various technologies in your classroom and do share your views in the comment box.

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