What Makes Parents to Choose & Stick to the Same School for Long

Education Article - What Makes Parents to Stick to the Same School for Long


The happiness seen today in parent’s eyes is due to the satisfaction which they feel while filling the continuation form for school every year. How the schools create the best atmosphere for students that they are even referred to as “second home”. Talking about schools listed below are a few main points shared by parents which they come out with as an answer to the question as to why they are with the same institution.

Safety & Security

Creating a safe atmosphere for students is the school’s utmost responsibility. Keeping students away from practices such as bullying or fighting is very necessary. Surrounding them in an educational environment is a parent’s concern. Safety and learning go hand in hand’ and because students spend so much time in school the ambience in school must remain positive and nurturing.

Management Philosophy

Every classroom has its own management philosophy on how they handle students. Teachers combine their own personality with school values to bring out the teaching qualities. Schools practice a combination of theories and models for a better explanation of topics in every classroom. Such concepts show high possibilities for a better understanding of topics.

Language Importance

The importance of learning different languages and speaking them fluently is a need in today’s world, and schools take care of this as well. Hence, different languages are taught in schools. Learning academic topics and communicating in a learning language helps to build classroom skills. Also, studies have shown that learning a language helps keep the brain in good shape and enhances a child’s cognitive skills and memory. It helps them in becoming multi-taskers.

Overall progress & development

Schools are places created so that children can indulge in different activities. Activities help students in discovering their physical, mental, and social growth.

Parent Teacher Relationship

parents teachers relationship

One of the most important relationships of which affects the development and growth of children is the relationship shared by parents and teachers. Discussion of problems being faced by children in schools or at home, they should be solved. Children should be taught not to be afraid if anything goes wrong, but they should be taught how they can improve their mistakes.


Parents and teachers both understand that today’s world is about working with technology. Using it for children’s benefits is very important and so teachers in schools use the best technology to teach students. They may be visual effects to explain some concepts or any other devices to show how it works.

Fee Structure

Parents work hard all day so that they can get everything for their children. When it comes to payment of fees in schools even then the parents never step back and make sure that their child is given all the benefits. For this purpose, even the schools make sure that they can provide a feasible fee structure for parents.

All these points along with plenty of other points which make sure that parents do not have to change their kid's school. This has resulted in a relation of parents with schools which has lasted longer than 5 years. As mentioned above the relation is from sides and if maintained properly it helps the child’s proper growth.

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Author: Manjula
Working as Senior Principal in one of the corporate school , Orchids,The International School , Bangalore Been in Educaiton Industry from past 20 years, started career as Math Teacher.

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