How Technology Promotes Independent Learning?

How Technology Promotes Independent Learning?

The application of technology will surely be life enhancing. Effective usage of technology will hugely increase the learner’s capacity to access learning without depending on anyone. One should know how important is the technology in order to explore 

and exemplify the effective practice in the use of it in one’s independent learning activities. Self directed learning is becoming the mantra for better learning. To withstand this present competition, the students have to work by themselves independently; many students are following this principle and also getting success, but some students are not able to cope up with independent learning and they need a little extra support. For such students, technology is one of the best solutions. There are many ways in which technology can support greater independence for learners. Let’s go in brief.

Numerous Resources:

Present technology will let you access numerous resources for the topic you want to learn. By knowing the best ways to find information on the web , you can find many sites, articles, docs and lectures for your topic. You can learn it just by sitting in front of your monitor. If you are capable of using this technology, you will become an independent learner.

Technology Provides Ease of Learning:

Technology makes you learn easily. You can find many learning tips on the web. There are educational videos , apps and so many tools that will make your learning easy. You can read the books , specific blogs, watch the tutorials, use the apps related to the topic and you can gain practical knowledge.

Technology gives you instant information:

As an independent learner, you must be up to date with the concept you are learning, otherwise you are not able to stand in the cut through competition. Social media will give you instant information about the topic you are searching for. You can get the latest updates through Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn and etc.

Technology lets you interact with other people easily:

With technology in hand, you don’t need to move to the respective person you want to get the information and learn from. There are several ways like emailing, texting, instant messaging and voice and video calling. Interactive sessions with technology can be more effective and it will give you lot of independence in learning.

Technology lets you explore and gives you immediate feedback:

You can explore work of others through several web platforms like YouTube, Google Docs, and Slideshare and many more. You can create your docs, upload videos and presentations and you’ll surely get feedbacks that are very helpful. This will make your learning perfect.

Through the use of advanced computing and telecommunication technology, one can increase the quality of learning. Learning things through various graphic applications, digitization and several controlled experiments in computer is significantly as well as qualitatively greater than traditional learning in the classroom.

Independent learning involves problem solving skills, decision making skills, creativity, risk taking and inter personal skills etc. so, independent learning in the 21st century will only be effective with proper usage of technology.

“Technology overcomes all barriers, makes learning fun & accessible therefore increasing achievement. I don't know of any learner today who doesn't like going on a computer, having a phone, iPod, iPhone or a laptop, they pick things up almost instinctively so they can be like everyone else” said by a unanimous author. So, hope you are aware of how technology is promoting and improving the skills of independent learners. Share your views in the comment box.

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