Why Can't Schools Afford Concessions in Fees?

Why Can't Schools Afford Concessions in Fees?

The COVID-19 situation has led to financial issues in everyone’s life.

The effect of this has lead to declining opportunities and the economy of the country. It has not only affected our India but has challenged every country in this world.

The pandemic has affected the lives of students, parents and schools too. With the COVID-19 situation, the schools are working hard to cope up with the new normal. The online education and classes, the schools are facing great challenges. The fee issue is a concern for many parents, but you need to acknowledge why exactly schools’ price their tuition? Basically, they care to balance their academic, administrative, and operational costs and give you the experience that the school has committed to parents. Therefore, here are the many reasons why schools can't afford to reduce rates or waiver tuition fees.

Teacher’s salary

There is a cycle that follows in terms of money. When you buy something, you pay to buy something that is useful or something that you really like. On the other hand, the person that you purchase the thing from is trying to make a living and support families by giving you the best thing possible.

Well, now apply the same situation for the teachers, who are struggling and teaching children at the same time, while supporting their family. The money that you give to the school to get the best education for your child, goes to the teachers in the form of their salaries. This is where your investment is made when you opt for a good education for your child even in times of pandemic and lockdown.

Support staff families

This is another place that the money goes into when parents pay for tuition fees for a child. The school can never function without the supporting staff. They are people who sit in the office, assist in the regular maintenance of a school or take care of the accounts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected their livelihood, but schools have a duty to pay the supporting staff their salaries too. So, when you don’t pay the schools, then the most helpful people in the organization are the ones to lose their jobs first.

Providing technical support

With the online classes that are happening from the comfort of your home, it has affected teachers and students at the same time. The schools still need to keep up with the promise that they make with the parents, i.e. to provide the best education to a child no matter what happens.

Well, in the current scenario, the schools are providing online types of equipment and facilities to teachers teaching from home. They are trying hard to keep up with responsibilities like providing online classes infrastructure like laptops, cameras, wifi connectivity, etc. They are doing this so that no child has to suffer from a lack of education in these hard times.

Individual faculty training by experts

As no one was prepared for a situation like COVID-19, same goes for the teachers too. This modern way of education is very different from the traditional one. The schools are trying their best to provide training to teachers to adjust to the new normal in the best way possible. The schools are conducting webinars, sessions by experts to train teachers to teach effectively on online platforms. They are learning and finding creative ways to teach and engage children on digital platforms.

Schools need to meet their commitments and responsibilities of maintenance 

Even though schools are closed, they need proper maintenance. The school ground, classrooms, labs, activity rooms, a sports room, etc. everything requires maintenance. If this is not done, then everything will be a piece of junk, that children won’t like once they are all set to go back to regular school.

The schools have promises to fulfill to children when they come back, and for all that fee is required too.

It is getting equally worse for schools these days and they are suffering too because parents are backing off and refraining to pay even their first installments. This is a very challenging situation for most schools. Even though the school, teachers, staff and everyone is trying really hard to provide each and every child with the education, it won’t be possible until parents and children work together hand-in-hand with the teachers and school.

Schools are working towards adopting new ways in education, getting themselves technically and digitally enhanced can be looked at as a boon because of the pandemic scenario.

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Author: Manjula
Working as Senior Principal in one of the corporate school , Orchids,The International School , Bangalore Been in Educaiton Industry from past 20 years, started career as Math Teacher.

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