[Tips for Teachers] New and Innovative Ways to Use Flipgrid

New and Innovative Ways to Use Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a video response platform, where educators can have online video discussions with students or other educators.

And teachers can provide feedback to students and students can provide feedback too, immediately. 

You might have probably heard of Flipgrid previously and have seen people sharing their experiences using it on social media or in person. Seems like, a large percentage of the educators are using this platform. But, are they using it in all sorts of creative ways? 

In this piece, we bring you new and innovative ways of using Flipgrid inside or outside your classroom.

Share book reviews 

Students can use Flipgrid’s new augmented reality (AR) feature, classrooms and classroom libraries to share book reviews by using the provided video QR. After a student records their review, the teacher can take a print of the QR code and tape it on the book, and the student’s classmates can use their devices to scan the code and watch the review. This practice will help them decide if they’d like to read the book.

Practice world language skills 

With Flipgrid teachers from different districts and different countries can easily collaborate. This creates a wonderful opportunity for world language teachers as their students can practice their speaking skills with a larger group than just their class. Students can post videos to get practice with the vocabulary they’re learning. This will help them engage and build their skills with other students around the world studying the same language or have conversations with native speakers of the language. This does not limit students to practice with the people in their physical classroom but with a larger group of people residing in any corner of the globe.

Increase accessibility for students 

 Flipgrid has a variety of accessibility features to ensure that all students can participate. Students can use “close captioning” option when viewing videos, which also generates a full transcript for each video. They can also use Microsoft’s Immersive Reader within both the closed captioning and any text within a topic to read the texts aloud and break up words into syllables for easier decoding.

Support absent students  

On Flipgrid teacher creates a topic for work completed in class which can be a catch-up solution for students who are absent during a given class period. Also, any of their peers can post a quick video about what assignments were completed in class so the absent students can quickly learn about the missed parts.

Invite outside speakers 

With Flipgrid’s Guest Mode feature teachers can invite guest speakers to participate in classroom discussions. Guests can watch student videos as well as post their own videos. This option provides a way for experts in a field to share their knowledge asynchronously, allow students to post videos of their questions for the expert to answer at a convenient time in a video response. For example, STEM teachers, could invite engineers or scientists to discuss their careers and research and to answer student questions. 

Build student portfolios  

Flipgrid allows teachers to create a grid for student portfolios. Within this grid, they can create a topic for each student, and students can post videos explaining their work, demonstrating their recently learned skill, or reflecting on an in-class experience. Once done, teacher can share the link to a student’s topic with their parents or guardians so they can view their child’s work throughout the year. Also, student’s classmate can watch and observe their work.

Add annotations 

On Flipgrid while recording a video, students have an option to write directly on the video, and add sticky notes with additional text. This feature is great for math students practicing solving problems or students in chemistry learning to balance chemical equations as it allows them to show their thinking.

Use mixtape 

Using mixtape is a way to curate videos from any topic or grid in a single location. Teacher can simply select any student’s video and add it to the mixtape, which can be shared with the whole class. Doing so will help collect memories from throughout the year, that’s probably a great way to take advantage of the feature. Teacher can save interesting videos or important moments from different topics and watching the mixtape as a class at the end of the year will help students recall what they’ve learned so far.

Share and celebrate work 

It’s rare to see students celebrating completed projects or finished assignments in classroom due to time constraints. But with Flipgrid it is possible in the most easy and quick way. With Flipgrid’s student-to-student replies option, everyone in the class can view and respond to each other’s videos. For example, students in a chemistry class could share a successful experiment’s result that they have been doing from quiet long, walk through what they have learned and more.  

Peers can compose video responses, providing positive feedback on the work completed. All of these, would help celebrate and praise a student’s effort and their achievements.

Do debugging 

When we talk about debugging, we usually talk about finding and fixing errors in a computer program. However, with Flipgrid students can reflect upon their completed math task or a passage or work through the engineering design process or when creating a computer program students and identify their errors and sharing how they fixed them.

Take a Flipgrid Virtual Field Trip 

With Flipgrid students can take virtual trip across the globe and beyond .The platform has paired up with some amazing organizations to take students to places they thought could never go.

Create a virtual vocabulary word wall 

Flipgrid allows students to record a video describing the meaning of important vocabulary words from a specific unit or chapter they are working on. They can simply hold up a card in their selfie video with the word written on it so the words are easily accessed by their classmates. 

These were some amazing new and innovative ways of using Flipgrid that you might not have known before. Do try these and write your experience to us.  

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