How are iPads Used in Schools? Some Real Life Examples

How are iPads Used in Schools? Some Real Life Examples

The world is now focusing on smart technology. Especially in schools; using a smartphone is really a smart idea for enhancing student learning. I wish I was allowed to use my own device or iPad when I was in school so that I might have learned subjects

 easily with several apps. Many organizations now days are encouraging students to use iPads and iPhones in classroom, because they have recognized how important integration of technology in education is.

From elementary schools to universities, Apple products are transforming the learning experience, making it more interactive, immersive, and engaging. Let us see how some schools effectively use iPad in the classroom.

Preparing for a new way of learning with iPad - DPS Surat:

Students, parents and teachers at DPS Surat are united in support of mobile learning and the confidence it inspires in school. Technology has been important in the school's quest for new teaching and learning techniques. Starting in 2010, teachers used Mac to develop podcasts based on lesson content, working with Aperture, Final Cut Pro and iLife.

“We got a first taste of developing our own learning content with Mac,” he says. “Apple’s creative tools were easy for teachers to use, and helped enhance lessons. We also got a sense of how powerful those tools could be in the hands of students. Giving access to digital tools would help them focus directly on their own learning needs, not just consume content provided by teachers. Students would also grasp important skills for the world of work.” “It was a defining moment for the school,” says the Principal, Mr G R Sivakumar.

Improving literacy with iPad touch- Central Elementary School, Escondido (California):

iPad touch has enhanced the learning experience of students Central Elementary School in California. The students of this institution are very excited and paying much more attention on learning after implementation of iPads in classroom. “A simple voice recorder option is having greatest potential to improve the fluency of students”, said Kathy Shirley, Technology and Media Services Director of the Escondido Union School District.

She also stated “Kids are learning at a rate that I didn’t think was possible.”

They have implemented several techniques and as a result of using iPad in classroom, in a six-week period, students’ reading fluency increased at six times the normal one. After six months, students gained almost two years of reading comprehension

iPad helps students with disabilities:

iPad is having Speak option, which helps visually challenged persons to hear the words so that their ability to learn the word gets increased. Double-tap to highlight text in any application, tap Speak, and the device reads the selected text. Students can have words highlighted as they’re being read so they can follow along. And the voice’s dialect and speaking rate can be adjusted to suit students’ needs. The iPad is completely portable. Unlike desktop computers, its mobility is flexible. Council Rock High School South is slated to receive a donation of more than $7,000 to purchase 20 iPads for students with disabilities. Many apps designed for students with disabilities helping them in competing with other students.

Learning with iPad, an unconventional approach- UK public school Flitch Green Academy:

“We wanted a curriculum that was meaningful, purposeful, and creative. And with Apple technology we have the whole package. It’s ignited everybody’s learning progress” said Tracey Bratley, teacher at Flitch Green Academy.

Creating own learning experiences has made students to focus more on outcomes, so their performance is automatically enhanced.

Engaging students with Mac at Science Leadership Academy- Philadelphia public high school:

“We chose the Mac platform because it is such a powerful content creation device”, said Chris Lehmann, Principal, The Science Leadership Academy.

Here, Learning is measured not just by testing, and also by the quality of the research that students produce on the iPad. With this principle, in the four years since the school's opening, the Science Leadership Academy has received worldwide recognition for its innovative educational approach, which has translated into student achievement.

iPad influences the learning outcomes a lot used in the ways mentioned. With the help of iPad, students have become more engaged with each subject, and able to find answers to their own individual learning challenges in their own ways. Including the list provided above, many more schools are implementing iPads in their classroom. Do you know more such schools and benefits of an iPad? Please share them in the comment box. 

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