Is Integrated School System The Much-Needed Respite?

Is Integrated School System the much needed respite

As technology in the education sector leaps, school functioning witnessed a 360-degree flip changing the course of school operations forever.

Earlier where technology was considered a luxury, the outbreak of COVID-19 made it a necessity. Now schools and school buildings have become two different entities. Online learning has become mainstream leaving parents confused and uncertain.

Though online learning did bring temporary relief to parents, school owners, teachers, and students alike, the feasibility of it convinced none. Through various studies and reports, it has been established that the pandemic is here to stay which means that certain parts of the country will go into recurrent lockdowns, whenever necessary. Accordingly, the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education, based on the SOP/guidelines, State/UT Governments need to develop their Standard Operating Procedures for reopening schools and for training different stakeholders as and when the State/Union Territory Governments declare it safe for schools to operate.

The extent and severity of COVID-19 are evolving and changing with time and also vary spatially from region to region. The response and safety protocols will accordingly need to be adjusted to these dynamics by the States/UTs from time to time. States/UTs while adopting the measures suggested may plan additional measures depending on the local situation. According to the Ministry, one way of ensuring physical/social distancing is to have flexible, staggered, and reduced timings planned for different classes in such a way that physical/social distancing is maintained along with other guidelines.

Amid these circumstances, schools, not just nationwide but globally, are opting for an integrated school system. This system streamlines the task of the entire school on a single platform such as administration, fee collection, attendance, new admission, etc. Online learning was an interim relief but something substantial for the long-term is what the education sector needs. Integrated School Systems have solved the basic problem of homeschooling, that is,

  • Passive students
  • No guaranteed result
  • Least parent participation
  • Scattered curriculum
  • Old-school learning
  • Untrained teachers

It’s time that schools stop looking for temporary ways to find relief to better the existing education module. Along with keeping the ship afloat, schools with an integrated school system have also shown great results and is not just a temporary way to deal with the crisis. Irrespective of the status of the school, an integrated school system ensures better results, smooth functioning, engaged students, a world-class curriculum, and trained teachers around the year. 

An increase in expenditure and quality safety expectations from parents and reduced income will mean schools will have to find innovative and prudent ways to manage their costs. Integrated School System reduces the manpower and allows schools to function with minimal staff. A great case study emerging out of India serving this need is LEAD School.

Some high-quality schools have also deployed an integrated online-offline strategy to ensures high accelerated learning for students without any loss in learning or syllabus. In the absence of an integrated online-offline strategy, students will miss out on learning when the school is interrupted. Also, if there is online learning but it is not integrated with offline learning, students will struggle to see continuity and coherence in everything they are learning. 

LEAD School convert schools into institutes of excellent learning

How is LEAD School's integrated platform converting schools into institutes of excellent learning?

Irrespective of the online/offline mode of education, high-quality learning will continue to be one of the top parental expectations from schools. With the limited income that parents receive, they will choose to send their children to schools that are innovative and can adapt to any challenges. Therefore, schools need to make choices that will ensure that student learning is given high priority. At LEAD School-

  1. Lessons are imparted through our world-class teachers through our app which has detailed lesson plans and audio-visual resources.
  2. Every child becomes proficient in the English language using a world-renowned, level-based English curriculum.
  3. Conceptual clarity in Math and Science with Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to Math, and ‘Learning by Doing’ approach to Science is imparted.
  4. Every child is catered with customized remedial classes based on assessment.
  5. Sync between teachers, parents, and the school is ensured for the unified goal of your child’s academic excellence.

LEAD School is the only system in India that delivers measurable results in English, Maths, and Science through an integrated, data-based system.

  • LEAD School helps school owners to monitor the learning of every student and performance of every teacher at the click of a button in real-time. 500+ schools already have adopted the Integrated System for a smart, affordable, and accessible way of learning.
  • LEAD School helps school principals to overview the learning progress of every student and performance of every teacher at the click of a button in real-time and make amends according to the requirement.
  • LEAD School helps the teachers to teach like world-class educators through the ‘Teacher App’ that has detailed lesson plans and audio-visual resources.

To partner with LEAD School and to turn your school into an institute of excellent learning, click here!

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