Why Integrating LMS Brings Great Value to Educational Institutions

Why integrating LMS brings great value to educational institutions

If there’s anything we can take away from 2020, it is that change is the only constant.

Luckily educators are already fully aware of this, as they face new challenges every day. Even then, managing these unforeseen circumstances is no easy feat. The saving grace comes in the form of Education Technology (EdTech), which offers a plethora of innovative solutions.

Embracing the trend of integrated digital learning management systems is the only way to future-proof education. Global edtech software and technology, D2L, hand-in-hand with its strategic partner Edutech India, is helping Indian educational institutions embrace technology. D2L’s Brightspace LMS offers holistic digital learning solutions to students while providing educators with innovative teaching aids and necessary tools so they can teach more efficiently.

Tech boom and robust online learning

The world has shifted online. In particular, significant advancements are being made in online education in India. With a population of over 1.3 billion and the availability of high-speed internet and smartphones, India has a massive base of technologically-driven consumers. As such, it’s evident how important it is to digitalize accessible educational services in line with this digital trend.

An LMS provides your institution with the means of managing an online service for any number of students, teachers or faculty members, wherever they are, at any time, across multiple digital devices. It has many benefits such as flexibility and individual learner needs. The assimilation of an LMS into a school’s or college’s methods of teaching also allows educators to remain present and attentive to a student’s needs.


Resources that are required for offline or traditional learning, such as textbooks and printed materials, are all products that are susceptible to depreciation. They are likely to eat into the monthly budget of any institution.

Implementing an LMS in schools and universities serves as effective resource management. Materials are provided on a central platform that students and educators can easily access. This ensures that the resources are not only sustainable but are also upgradeable. It also allows for effective site-management. In addition, using an LMS also tackles the cost issues relating to delivering in-house services for your learners.

Maximal learning

A distinct benefit of implementing an LMS to deliver education is that the students will not have to travel to specific locations to gain access to training and enrichment.

The ability to diminish travel-time is advantageous to students with hectic schedules, specific transport requirements and those who want to maximize their learning potential with realistic timelines. It is also a gateway to self-management, which results in better education overall.

Increased engagement

Case studies of LMS technology reveal how students engage with their learning in different ways. For instance, some enjoy gamified learning whereas some like creating content. The Brightspace LMS platform integrates both required and optional features, allowing students to participate at their own pace. It also allows institutions to implement dynamic learning methods and theories, such as gamification, self-monitoring and interactive learning.

The platform provides educational faculties with the chance to propagate different learning styles by offering personalized modules and courses that target individual growth. By making it accessible and adaptable for all needs, students are incentivized to participate and learn.

Data and content security

In this hyper-paced technologically-driven era full of distractions, obstructions to the learning process pose as an issue to students and educators alike. On top of that, resource management is getting increasingly difficult, due to the loss of data and content, or the requirement of physical access.

An LMS mitigates these issues through its cloud-based solutions. Students can easily access their lessons and assessments through the LMS on any device or platform, by simply logging into their accounts. This also provides students with the assurance that their resources are safely logged and recorded through the platform. As for educational institutions, course oversight and monitoring are easily manageable, as educators are able to monitor the situation from a vantage point.

Key stakeholders, today, recognize the need for a uniquely crafted, integrated system; one that maximizes student success while minimizing the learner obstructions. Gamification strategies, along with a robust suite of products, makes Brightspace LMS one of the best platforms available. So contact D2L today and start your journey to more effective teaching.

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Author: Dr. Prem Das MaheshwariWebsite: https://www.d2l.com/en-apac/
Dr Prem Das Maheshwari Dr. Prem Das Maheshwari, based in New Delhi, is the Business Director for South Asia at D2L. He has over 28 years of experience in business development and channel management in higher education.
He has worked for industry leaders like as Amity University, International Management Institute and Tata Consultancy Services. He has also worked for US-based companies The Network Incorporation, Laureate International Universities, and Singapore-based Universitas 21 Global. He has authored two books.
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