What Makes 17zuoye EdTech Company Dominate The Online Education Market

What Makes 17zuoye EdTech Company Dominate the Online Market

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-increasing demand for online education mandated by the Chinese government has initiated parents and their children to avail of online education and tutoring services.

17zuoye has brilliantly invented a breakthrough, an online type of learning which uses innovative teaching materials to engage and invigorate the students in promoting more improved learning outcomes.

The launching of 17zuoye EdTech company

The online business started in October 2011 and is primarily located in Greenland Center, Beijing. It now covers 60 million registered students coming from 120,000 schools, making it one of the fastest-growing providers in online education in less than 10 years in business.

The company has enticed a huge amount of investments amounting to 250 million US dollars in the recent Series E funding of investments from prestigious and top-notch investors namely Temasek, CITIC PE, Tiger Global Management, H Capital, DST Global, Shunwei Capital, and the 2 founders of ZhenFund, Mr. Xu Xiaoping, and Mr. Wang Qiang.

The company also has a wide range of global business associates from Korea, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Japan, and other countries, consequently catapulting their financial success in the field of AI educational technology as one of the top-ranking companies in the world.

Their global partnership with other countries assists them in localizing their resources of education for the market of Chinese students and improve the contents for their clientele.

Key features

Homework Together is the English translation of the Chinese biggest Edtech company, 17zuoye.

It is a digital education business establishment designed for K12 students that permit teachers to conveniently assign an academic task with just one click of the mouse, correct assignments competently, and acquire resources in teaching quickly and conveniently.

Students can comply and submit their homework as well as acquire personalized educational guidance with the best quality self-learning services. It also equips students with educational apps and implements individualized adaptative content of learning. Parents can also instantly check their children’s academic reports and easily access appropriate professional family guidance in educating their children.

Chinese, Math, and English are the subjects offered based on the current curriculum of The National Ministry of Education in China.

The company uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to efficiently distribute assignments and school grades to the students through the process of streamlining.


The learning institution is relentlessly striving hard in providing its students with unparalleled high-quality lessons in a convenient manner. The company employs competent and qualified real-name online teachers who can quickly address any specific problems of the students at a specific time and provide the necessary learning materials and valuable support needed by their students to achieve academic success.

Their online platform also functions as a social network to connect the parents, children/students, and teachers, a real-name online teachers’ forum, and a digital WeChat section for the parents. Hence, it fosters an open and healthy communication avenue for everyone involved in educating and molding the lives of the students.

The company is committed to the rapid growth of superior quality English online learning. It also had brought together the gap between foreign teachers and youthful Chinese learners by delivering a unique and exclusive face-face digital educational experience that is easily accessible to all students throughout the country.

Digital education is very different and challenging for some students, especially the young ones. Nevertheless, it allows the students to attend classes in a very supportive and suitable setting. Proper time-management, motivation, and guidance from parents or guardians, and focusing on the student’s goals are the keys to obtaining an online education and most significantly, achieving a bright future.

The Company’s Philosophy

The company’s philosophy is simplified in four words: “Easy teaching, happy learning”. This is coupled with its noble purpose of making learning appealing, delightful, engaging, entertaining, and academically stimulating.


The clientele which comprises of the teacher, the student, and their parents can freely and easily communicate with each other while their children can conveniently study, learn, and grow in a happy, healthy, loving, non-intimidating, and non-judgmental learning environment.

17zuoye’s ultimate goal is to administer fair and just access to online education for all students regardless of their age and learning capabilities. Moreover, this digital type of learning provides the students the opportunity to acquire an outstanding, excellent, and high-quality international education.

17zuoye is committed to delivering, motivating brilliant, and interesting educational resources and online services to the students, their parents, and the teachers.

One cannot resist investing in their company because they possess all the best qualities of a highly profitable online educational provider par excellence.

About the Author
Author: Rafik Fellal
Rafik Fellal Rafik Fellal is the Deputy VP of Sales at Kognity, the Online Learning & Teaching Platform for the IBDP and Cambridge IGCSE. Having worked previously as a teacher in Switzerland, he is passionate about EdTech and being able to work with schools to improve learning across all continents. He has a Masters in Socio-Economics from the University of Geneva/Universidad Complutense Madrid and studied Political Science at the University of Lausanne/San Diego State University. He recently moved out of Bangkok and now resides in Stockholm and is working towards increasing Kognity's presence in the world.

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