Yuanfudao, A Blockbuster Online Educator

Yuanfudao, a blockbuster online educator

Educational technology is not only a national opportunity of generating millions of jobs in China but also a global opportunity of creating millions of online jobs anywhere and anytime.

Chinese Ed-Tech companies such as Yuanfudao excel in the online market because of its simple, unique, straightforward, convenient, ingenious, and efficient educational products making them one of the highest-earning companies globally.

It’s now becoming a blockbuster and an indispensable money-making giant in the global online platform.

The Launching of Yuanfudao Company

Yuanfudao is an educational technology company and online tutoring app that was established in 2012. It is the largest educational tech company in Asia and a private EdTech startup in China with the highest value.

Since its launch, the company has offered tutoring for more than 200 million students. About 2 million of these students on its platform are paid users. According to research, Yuanfudao caters for about 14.79 million students each year who take the exam to get to senior high.

Their distinctive trademark is offering online education and home tutorial services through live streams. The tutorials are conducted by a pool of competent, experienced, and renowned, national, and foreign real-name teachers.

Other than tutoring, Yuanfudao also offers a math arithmetic problem-checking app, and an online question and answer database. In 2014, the company developed an AI research institute.

The company was also able to incorporate technologies such as handwriting technology and speech recognition to its current photo search engine. Yuanfudao also owns an English tutoring app called Banma and it also runs Fenbi, which is a national civil servant exam learning site.

It is one of the leading, rapid-growing, and financially successful ed-tech companies in the world that are envisioned to increase exponentially it’s financial value in the next coming years. The company has been able to attract investments over the years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the surge for remote learning demand has increased and this saw a huge interest of investors in this sector.

By the end of March, this Beijing-based online education company secured a $1 billion Series G funding round, which valued it at $7.8 billion. This funding made it the most valuable EdTech unicorn in China.

In October, the company announced that it had secured $2.2 billion in two rounds of financing from Chinese and International investors. The financing from Series G1 and G2 rounds was participated by both national and foreign investors namely, the Hillhouse Capital (Hongkong, Beijing, and Singapore), Tencent (China), IDG Capital (China), and Boyu Capital (Hongkong) and DST Global (Hongkong), GIC (Singapore), Temasek (Singapore), CITICPE (China), Ocean Link (China), TBP (USA), Danhe Capital (China), DCP (USA), and Greenwood (United Kingdom).

This raised the company’s valuation to $15.5 billion. The company’s exceptional ability to raise capital has enabled it to survive and thrive even during tech winter.

Key Features

The company is powered by AI which is the most convenient way of automatically checking homework. Yuanfudao is varies in technology and their app marks assignments by taking images.

The company’s iconic app can produce the vital academic profile of the weaknesses and strengths of each student based on their given answers.

This vital information enables the company to recommend different other courses for the student to take based on their distinct progress on a certain subject topic using AI technologies, consequently providing academic guidance and determining the student’s potential capabilities.

Yuanfudao boasts a variety of online educational services such as Zebra AI Course, Xiaoyuankousuan, Yuantiku, Yuanfudao App, Yuanfudao and Xiaoyuansouti Xiaoyuan. South app similarly utilizes the recognition of image technology in finding answers to questions across a wide range of subject topics.

The app assists and guides the students through the proper procedures required in solving the specific problems.


Digital education can be quite challenging especially for young students. This is especially true if there is no healthy communication between the students, teachers and parents. In fact, if the students or children do not get the right support when doing online education, they are likely to lose motivation and perform poorly.

Yuanfudao has accomplished its mission of reducing the burden of students in accomplishing school assignments easily and conveniently. The company has designed student-friendly apps that help students access specific courses tailored to their needs regardless of their learning abilities and age.

Qualified teachers are hired worldwide. They are equipped with a convenient teacher-friendly and student-friendly designed stress-free individualized style of lesson plans and can work flexible hours. Students are offered English language immersion activities, thus, inability of the teacher to speak the Chinese language is not a problem.

Additionally, any problem encountered by the student is quickly addressed by the teacher. Also, the daily face-to-face interaction develops a direct connection between the teachers and the students. Consequently, this bridges the gap between the foreign teachers and the young Chinese students.

Parents or guardians can also communicate freely with the teachers and inquire about their children’s academic performance through the WeChat segment.

Although online education can be challenging for some students, there is no denying that it can help them attain a bright future. To ensure its success, students should be motivated and guided by the guardians and encouraged to manage time properly.

The Company’s Philosophy

Yuanfudao believes that creating a relatively safe way to enjoy education online is a priority. Other than tutoring, they have also varied their products and branched out to new technology.


Yuanfudao innovatively provides easy and equal access to learning resources and opportunities for all students in China regardless of their learning capabilities and age.

Therefore, the company motivates students to develop their fullest potential in an incredibly supportive and convenient way. It also allows every student to determine their learning style and study at their own pace.

The company also generates thousands of online jobs for qualified and competent foreign English-speaking teachers/tutors who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise.

About the Author
Author: Rafik Fellal
Rafik Fellal Rafik Fellal is the Deputy VP of Sales at Kognity, the Online Learning & Teaching Platform for the IBDP and Cambridge IGCSE. Having worked previously as a teacher in Switzerland, he is passionate about EdTech and being able to work with schools to improve learning across all continents. He has a Masters in Socio-Economics from the University of Geneva/Universidad Complutense Madrid and studied Political Science at the University of Lausanne/San Diego State University. He recently moved out of Bangkok and now resides in Stockholm and is working towards increasing Kognity's presence in the world.

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