7 Learnings of the Pandemic

Top 7 Learnings of the Pandemic

As we move towards nine months of facing the pandemic head-on, we often hear that the world has changed, and how we need to embrace the new normal in a post-COVID-19 world.

As educators, we also understand that looking ahead also constitutes looking back. Often, as an education leader, I am asked about the most significant learnings of the pandemic. Here goes, the top 7 learnings!

1. Work from home is not equal to either chilling at home OR being online 24/7. Planning is vital to beat waste of time or toxic productivity.Planing is Important



2. Focus on mental health, physical fitness, and time management makes work better; makes family life better too.mental health and physical fitness



3. Be open to learning, making changes and adjustments. Being scared will shut you down, and emerging from it would be challenging. Keep the spirits up. Yes, it’s a new world.Be open to learning and making changes



4. Stick to a schedule; it will be easier to adjust planning and time management. Even the ‘To-do list’ needs to sync with the mindset and execution.Stick to a schedule



5. Take informed breaks. Give yourself 10-mins before you start your day. Have a workspace. Do not work from living room tables and sofas. A right posture gives more stability to work.Take informed breaks



6. The biggest failure happens in planning and setting goals. The Japanese system of Kanban is an excellent tool to manage tasks!planning and setting goals



7. Emotional well-being, mental health, and physical wellness is critical for every individual. Please do not ignore them under any circumstances.Do Not Ignore Negative Signs

About the Author
Author: Jimmy Lucknowwala
Jimmy Lucknowwala (Decision Maker/Administrator/Educator) Education leader with 20+ years experience in various roles. The world will change once teachers come to the fore-front.

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