Preparing Future Leaders Through SEL (Social-Emotional Learning)

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What is Leader in Me?

Leader in Me (LIM) is a CASEL-endorsed SEL process where students learn personal and interpersonal effectiveness by applying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to their academic and personal goals. The Student Leadership Portrait represents the competencies developed through the integrated application of leadership principles.

Established with a common vision and purpose to empower students to be leaders with the life-skills to succeed in a global economy, Leader in Me has thousands of schools spread over 50 countries across the globe.

With its timeless principles of effectiveness and enduring paradigms, Leader in Me is helping educators discover lasting solutions to common challenges faced by schools throughout the world. It approaches every goal or initiative with a proven whole-school improvement model that transforms paradigms, improves behaviour, and achieves measurable results.

To develop every child as a leader, LIM creates an environment of social-emotional learning that helps every student build self-confidence and discover their true potential. Additionally, LIM encourages learners to find their voice and develop critical skills for life.

What tools can schools employ to foster the next generation of leaders?

Leadership qualities aren’t inherent, they are developed. Leader in Me student's leadership qualities are demonstrated most clearly through self-discipline. LIM advocates the importance of self-discipline, self-awareness, self-responsibility, relationship skills, decision-making skills, communication skills, self-motivation, and self-management. Students throughout Leader in Me schools learn these skills and develop self-discipline resulting in reduced schoolwide discipline referrals. A 23% overall decrease in disciplinary issues was reported in the first five years of implementing LIM. 92% of parents have also stated that they witnessed a positive impact on their child in the household.

Leader in Me uses a different approach for every school to fulfil its commitment to empower every school to achieve outstanding results. It inculcates life-readiness skills into the curriculum to tackle the ever-changing, fast-paced environment. And, instead of focusing on academic measures solely, Leader in Me embodies a holistic approach to education, redefining how schools measure success. This approach empowers educators with effective practices and tools to teach LEADERSHIP to every student, create a CULTURE of student empowerment, and aligns systems to drive results in ACADEMICS.

What essential skills can students master?

Through Social-emotional learning or soft skills or 21st skills, whatever you may call it, students develop the ability to be their best self, to understand self-awareness, and be good at self-management to precisely master the life-ready skills. They learn to value others, collaborate, identify needs around them, and figure out how to use their skills and talents to address those needs, in the best possible way.

To become a leader one ought to know how to communicate, how to consider other people’s opinions, how to manage their emotional response, and make smart decisions. That’s what LIM teaches by implementing SEL. The sole purpose of LIM is to develop soft skills that turn students into successful members of society.

People with strong social-emotional skills are better equipped to manage daily challenges, build positive relationships, and make informed decisions and that’s exactly what LIM is trying to do.

If you want to make your child future-ready, then, Leader In Me has the perfect solution for you. How about you give it a shot

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