How Can Parents Leverage Technology To Improve Their Child's Education?

How Can Parents Leverage Technology To Improve Their Child's Education?

Parents are the best teachers for kids. Involvement of parents in kids’ education means a lot to them; it helps them to improve. Involving parents in the learning experience is also important due to the fact that learning does not start and end with 

the school hours, as it is an ongoing process in student’s life.

If the promotion of technology begins in early childhood, the kids gradually will get used to finding their own ways of exploring and learning. This is where, parents have an important role in guiding the kid for the right use of technology in this digital age. Even though people are having a computer, smartphone or any other technological device, but most of the parents don’t know about the right online resources to assist their children in education. We are trying to give you best such resources here. Keep reading.

Parents who wish their children to score higher and achieve higher should assist their children, monitor their activities and motivate them for achieving what they want. Let me ask you some questions, have you found your kid feel sorrow to go to school? Is your child getting low scores in any subject? Is your child facing difficulty to do homework? If the answer is “yes” for any of these questions, then your kid must be waiting for your assistance. Let’s see how you can engage in your children’s education.

Provide them numerous resources:

Kids can be attracted technology, they prefer to listen, play and watch rather than traditional bookish reading. And there so many surveys proved that the kids who exposed to digital learning are smarter than the people with bookish learning. Video based learning, game based learning, inquiry based learning, project based learning and many will come under this category of digital learning. So, provide your kids numerous resources. If you are having a smartphone, engage your kid with many educational apps. If you have a computer, give them the list of educational websites, assist them in using those sites and make their learning easy.

Try to provide them the exact sources they need. For example, if your kid feels difficulty in doing math, engage him with some math tech tools.

If you want to make your kid proficient in grammar, engage him with “grammar learning sites

There are some tech tools that will provide your kids a real life learning environment. There are many songs, videos, games that will increase the time of remembrance, creativity and tech skills of your kid. So, try these “Tech Tools & Apps for Kindergarteners

If your kids are interested to watch cartoons, then you can combine their interest with learning. There is an app called “Story Panda”, this contains interactive digital books that will teach your kid in very interesting manner.

Safe Environment to Explore:

Technology makes learning easy; it’s always beneficial to engage your kids with tech tools. They pay much more interest to use this resource. While your kids start using online resources, you should make them aware of online safety issues. Social media now days, is having many advantages and same number of disadvantages too. So, there is a need of keeping your kids safe. You will get more information by referring our previous article “What to Teach Students about Digital Citizenship?

Interactions will give you solutions:

If you don’t know how to assist your kids, take the help of teachers, attend school conferences and get your queries cleared. There are many online educational communities where teachers, parents and tech developers are interacting to find the solutions; join them, involve in those discussions, exchange your knowledge with many professionals. This will surely improve parent-technology-kid relationship. By interacting with people, you’ll get to know many educational technologies, apps and tools for learning. There are many organizations trying to enhance this educational system with several technological approaches; these are the EdTech startups you must know about.

It’s difficult for teachers to concentrate on every student individually and to give them personalized instruction. As a parent, you should feel responsibility in enhancing your child’s education. If you provide them proper guidance and assistance at younger age, they will become efficient while growing old. You can easily know what your kids need, so it’s easy for you take respective action. This will not only help your kid in gaining knowledge but also increase his friendliness with you. And you too get experience of using several technologies which you didn’t have when you were in schooling. Share your views in the comment box. 

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