How To Introduce New Age Careers To Your Kids

How to Introduce New Age Careers to Your Kids

The future is unforeseeable, so are job prospects.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) reported that over half of the world's youth would find themselves in jobs that have not yet been created. This raises the question: how can children prepare? Or, above all, how do we prepare youth for this journey of uncertainty?

It is unbelievable to realize that we have no idea what the future holds for employers' new generation. However, as we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will bring new and existing technologies in a way that exceeds our expectations. The incorporation of driverless trains, cars and artificial intelligence into our daily lives are just examples. These technological breakthroughs will usher in all those jobs we have not yet imagined and widen the divide between those ready for future jobs and those unprepared to leap. Furthermore, as we look at them, we should think of all possible aspects and seek new-age careers. Of course, guide our kids.

Here, in this article, we have enlisted the top seven new-age careers choices and how to introduce these age careers to your kids. 

What are the top new-age careers for kids?

1. Career in Data Science

It is rightly said, "Data science is the new oil." According to a study, the industry has grown to $3.03 billion in size and is expected to double by 2025.

Thus, making it the most promising and in-demand career path for skilled professionals. A data scientist's job is to take the data, analyze them, and use it to make decisions. The most vital aspect of data science is the construction of predictive models. Learning data science can be a game-changer in your career.

2. Career in Artificial Intelligence

Known to all, artificial intelligence is also called machine intelligence, where a machine is programmed to make decisions like humans.

It has entangled into our daily lives. Demand for AI is at the top, and emerging AI trends have made it the most outstanding career in the market.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates that AI will create 133 million jobs in 2022. The future looks bright in the hands of AI. 

3. Career in UI/UX

 User Interface entails the appearance of an application when a user is interacting with it. This is the process of improving the layout and interactivity of the application or site. In contrast, user experience is the process of enhancing the overall user experience. This is all that would keep your client attracted and provide an incredible experience when they visit your website. So a career in UI and UX would be fantastic.

4. Career in Ethical Hacking

Many personalities all over the world at some point have been a victim of cyber-attack. Many cyber fraud crimes occur when an ethical hacker is required to keep the data secure and prevents it from being stolen or misused by malicious hackers. It does possess a great scope in the era of the internet.

5. Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an evolving field with tremendous career opportunities. It has become a cornerstone for the marketing department of organizations. A digital marketer promotes the organization's products and brands using online channels such as the web, email etc. They develop strategies for marketing through social media, Google AdWords etc. They maximize the range of the product cost-effectively. Digital marketers should have a deep understanding of e-commerce. The reach of digital marketing is so vast that it influences many people's decision process and marketing skills are in serious demand, which will widen its scope in the market space. For this reason, the future of a career in this industry seems promising.

6. Career in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things refers to numerous physical devices connected to the Internet which collect, analyze and share data. By 2025, the number of connected IoT devices will grow to 41.6 billion. The IoT is becoming more and more important, both for industrial and daily use. Thus, making it one of the most in-demand fields.

7. Career in Counseling

The demand for career counsellor is at its peak. With professionals choosing the wrong career path and students confused about their careers, a trained career consultant may act as facilitators. A career counsellor can help the students and professionals to make an informed career choice. India requires 1.4 million counsellors for more than 350 million students.

Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, EY report on K12 education, states that the market size of career assessment in India is a whopping Rs. 5000 crore. The statistic is a good example of why professionally trained career counsellors are desperately needed in Indian society.

How can you introduce these new-age careers to your kids?

Do not treat your child as an extension of you.

First, you must realize that your child is a unique person. They are not you. The jobs that you might be interested in may not be in their interest. Resist the urge to tell your child to avoid a certain path simply because you do not find it good for your perception. Sit down with your child, do some research on your interest and guide.

Read About Different Careers

We have already provided you with a list of top new-age careers. You can find more information online and also about other career options. Read about those to them. When your kid expresses interest in any occupation, encourage him or her to research it to learn more.

 Use Your Network

Access your professional network, ask them how did they reach there, what training is required, and how your kids can prepare better for it.

You may also ask them to communicate or guide your kids for the same. Besides this, you may also get your kids into Job shadowing. It provides your children with the opportunity to see a career up close by the following someone who is at the same work for a few hours or days.

Help Your Children Learn About Themselves

After reaching the high school years, allow your children to do a self-assessment to discover their interests, values, personality and abilities. Once you know them, help them by thinking about those traits at the earliest and discuss how they will affect their future career- decisions.

Help your child discover their strengths and passions.

A visit to a career counsellor to take aptitude tests would be favourable for your kid. The Myers-Briggs, Strong Inventory, and Holland Codes tests are three of the tests that many students found useful to conclude. Allow brainstorming to help your child bring their innate strengths to a certain field. Their unique perspective and strengths in this area may allow them to make a unique and valuable contribution.

Recollect your career story

You can also do things like reminding your child about your work history. Share your journey; let them know the evolution of your career. Create a timeline of your life's ups and downs, your learning and your journeys to work. Reflect on your chronology; share your dreams and experience with your child. It can be fun to remember, and it will help you figure out what events and people have influenced your career. Having mapped your career path, you will appreciate the influences that can help shape your child's unique journey and inspire them.

Explore and develop career awareness through movies

Watch a movie together. Later, discuss the various aspects of the film that could relate to your aspirations or those of your child. Did the film change the way you look at careers? Did it cast certain occupations in a positive light and others in a negative light? Was there any activity in the movie that made you say 'I want to do that!'? observe character traits and discuss which you see as positive and negative? What did you identify with, and what did you feel distanced from? And more.

Have more ideas? If yes, do write to us.

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