Higher Ed Going Digital - No More a Question of “If” or “When” but “How”

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The pandemic has pushed every educational institution to consider digital transformation seriously.

Going digital is no longer a question of “if” or “when” but “how”. A majority of the digital systems in Higher Ed address the enrolment management and administration aspects of the institutions. The teaching-learning experience has been predominantly restricted to physical classrooms. The pandemic, however, has forced institutions to move online – to teach, learn, and test online. Learning Design and Experience have thus moved to the center stage of digital strategy for educational institutions.

Transform your college/university with Fractal learning platform, Online Program Management (OPM) services and Future@Work programs.


Designing Online Learning Experiences

Designing Online Learning Experiences

Designing an engaging online learning experience requires a future-ready platform. Fractal is an award-winning platform built using a decade of experience - working with Fortune 500 companies. Fractal is a cloud-based, mobile-first, learning platform. Go completely online in a matter of weeks.

Learning on the Cloud:

Fractal is a cloud based SAAS system, which means low start-up costs, deployment within weeks, improved accessibility, and ease of maintenance. Fractal does not need any on-premise servers or other IT infrastructure or maintenance. Securely access it from anywhere and from any device.

Unique Branded Portal:

Have your own branded learning portal. Link this to your website or integrate with your existing internal student management systems for a seamless experience.

Virtual Classrooms:

Set up live virtual classrooms using your favorite web conferencing tool. Fractal has open APIs to integrate with web conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Webex etc. - no hassle of sharing conference links or meeting passwords through WhatsApp and e-mail.

Any Content - Any Format:

Upload videos, e-learning content, audio files, PDF files, documents, or provide links to YouTube/Vimeo links. You can also embed links to other systems or host virtual labs.

Admin & User Dashboards:

Fractal provides separate admin and user dashboards. Admin functions include course creation, user management, and learning content administration. User dashboards include assigned/subscribed content, course progress, content validity, and need-by dates.

Notifications, Reminders, and Announcements:

Notifications for new content and updates, reminders for course completion and assignment due dates, announcements to groups - with flexible and automated features, Fractal makes it easy to manage students online.

Assignments and Assessments

Allow students to upload assignments and grade them online. Conduct assessments securely using safe exam browser technology.

Simple, Intuitive, Fast

The user interface is simple, and iOS and Android apps are available. There are no complex set up procedures or long implementation cycles. A branded college portal can be set up within 2 weeks.


Online Program Management Fractal

Supporting your Digital Transformation Journey

Going online with the teaching-learning process is not an easy process- the following questions need to be tackled:

  • Which platform should you choose?
  • Does it integrate with your existing IT infrastructure?
  • How can you train your faculty to be effective online?
  • How will you roll out digital systems to your students?

If you need help with your digital journey, we can support you. With a decade of experience in online learning design and technologies, we bring global expertise in creating and deploying online learning.

Learning Design

Teaching in classrooms is very different from teaching online. Reworking the strategies for online teaching, adapting assignments for online submissions and grading, ensuring student engagement on online platforms, and adopting online assessments/exams are some of the things that we can support you with. Our team of instructional designers apply the principles of adult learning to ensure effective online deployment of learning.

Technology Consulting

From content management, to virtual classrooms, student tracking, online assignments, proctored exams and reports, institutions have multiple technology and tool choices that they need to make, as they move online. With our technology consulting services, we help colleges make the right decisions.

Staff and Faculty Training

Staff and faculty training is critical to making the move to online. Having classes online is not just about PowerPoint slides and web conferencing tools. Training on both technology and online learning design helps instructors be as effective online, as they are in a classroom.


Prepare students for the future

Prepare your students for the future

Future@Work focuses on improving the employability of students. Employability of India’s youth has remained stagnant for the past three years, lingering around 46% of participants who are job-ready. Domain-wise, while BE/BTech has 49% employable talent, B. Com has 47% and MCA has 25%, according to the India Skills Report 2020. Future@Work will help students acquire specific job skills that will make them 100% employable.

Our vision is to provide hyper-customized training for emerging job roles at scale and speed to address the skills gap.

Hyper-customized: The training is focused on specific job skills - rather than a generic curriculum.

Emerging Job Roles: The maximum growth in jobs is happening in new and emerging job domains - we focus on these domains for skill development.

Scale and Speed: We adopt technology enabled training to reach a wider audience - faster and more effectively.

How do we do this?

Skill mapping

We have an AI-backed database of job roles and associated skills - and training is built to map to these skills. By mapping job roles to skills, and skills to training, we make the training both effective and efficient.

Practitioner-led training

Training is designed and delivered by Practitioners. With virtual classroom sessions, real life projects, and job-focused training, Practitioners ensure that learners get industry experience throughout the training.

Virtual Lab Infrastructure

With virtual lab infrastructure, learners experience simulated environments that mimic real life work environments - coupled with guided support. This gives learners the full experience of a work environment.

Localized Content

Currently, almost all content available online is in English, putting anyone with low English fluency at a disadvantage. By supporting content in local languages, Future@Work improves access to learning and employability of youth in non-urban areas.

Virtual Internships

Future@Work supports virtual internship programs that enable students to do internships remotely. Going virtual increases the internship opportunities for students and widens the talent pool for companies - a win-win for both.

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Author: V Swapna Reddy

Founder and Strategic Advisor, Origin Learning Solutions

An entrepreneur and learning evangelist with 20 years of experience designing learning solutions for global organizations.

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