How Technology Helps Teachers to Manage Their Classroom

How Technology Helps Teachers to Manage Their Classroom

To be a good teacher, you need to create an interesting learning environment. Students should be provided with a safe, secure and comfortable environment in order to perform at their best.

Students will experience many physical, intellectual, emotional and social changes in their early age, so they need to feel structured and safe to perform best in their learning.

The teacher plays an essential role in every student’s education, behavior and development. In the present competitive environment, it’s a tough task for a teacher to manage a classroom by concentrating on every student. Classroom management is the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite the disruptive behavior of students. Technology nowadays makes everything easy and effective. It helps teachers in managing their classroom very efficiently. Let’s learn how technology plays an important role in managing a classroom.

The most important thing a teacher needs to have is self-confidence. He has to believe in himself to influence students in a great manner. The way you present yourself with confidence surely matters. Classroom management involves a vast procedure from seating arrangements & taking attendance to personalized instructions. Below, we’re providing you with information on some tech tools which will help you in managing a classroom.


Schoology allows teachers to have access to better course management and communication for free. Schoology provides numerous mobile apps which will help you in managing the classroom, these apps can easily transform any classroom into 1:1 interactive learning environment if you implement BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) in your school. Schoology helps you  host your website and connect with your  students in order to improve their learning outcomes. Schoology creates an effective structure for school calendars, in addition to your course and personal ones, into a single interface to simplify and centralize your organizational activities. It helps you in managing students’ homework. Schoology’s resource center and groups provide an interesting platform to collaborate with other teachers.


Schoolfy is a great educational platform that welcomes teachers from across the world in its community. It allows teachers to create their private social network and add students, parents, colleagues and others for collaboration. It provides many free tools that help teachers to set homeworks, send documents, create calendars and evaluate  students’ assessments. It also helps them send auto-generated real-time notifications to students and parents, which saves their’s precious time and effort. It also helps prepare personalized instructions and exercises. Sign up and engage this tool in your classroom. For more information, you may refer to our previous article “Schoolfy - An Educational Platform for Teachers”.

Smart Seat:

Smart Seat is an iPad app, which helps teachers to manage their classroom in the palm of their hands. Teachers can use it to create a virtual class, add students, their photos and other information. It helps you to remember students according to the seating arrangement, make notes on individual students and also export information to parents and colleagues. You can take attendance, manage their overall performance and also engage them in discussions with the “Random Student Selector” feature. It helps in dividing them into a number of groups for various classroom activities like quizzes, projects and group discussions. Download this app and manage your classroom with ease. For more information, you may refer to our previous article “Smart Seat - The First iPad/iPhone Seating Chart App for Teachers”.


TeacherVision is one of the best websites which helps teachers to manage their classroom by providing students with an interesting and fun learning environment. It values a teacher’s time and helps them optimize it. TeacherVision provides very good content and themes for each subject. Printable materials, curricular lesson plans, graphic organizers and many more resources are available with TeacherVision. There are 22,000 pages of classroom ready plans and you can find resources for every subject here.

Smart Teacher:

Smart Teacher is an Android app which helps teachers plan their classes smartly. With Smart Teacher, a teacher can plan curriculum for students, manage their report cards, assess their performance and design personalized instructions. Monitoring and marking of attendance is very easy with this tool, which saves a lot of time and effort of teachers. Teachers can also flip classrooms, as this app helps them record classes and uploading them on the server.

These are the few tools which help teachers in classroom management. As technology can make any task easy and effective , it does it’s best to help teachers and other educators. There are many such tools which help teachers to provide the best learning environment for their students. If you know more resources like these, share with us in the comment box.

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