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Campus Management vs Learning Experience

How do you choose the right digital solution for your school or college? The answer really lies in what your requirements are. Generally, a lot of school/campus management solutions address the enrolment, fee collection, student data management, and report generation requirements. Fewer institutions use digital solutions to improve the learning experience and efficacy.

To make an informed decision, it is important to understand the difference between Campus Management and Learning Experience solutions. While the former focuses on administrative aspects of schools and colleges, the latter focuses on learning design, pedagogy, and learner experience. So, the fundamental premise of each of these solutions is different.

Here is a list the features that distinguish Campus Management from Learning Experience solutions.

Campus ManagementLearning Experience
Administrator-centered Learner-centered
Inquiry/Admissions management Curriculum design and deployment
Student attendance and leave management Seamless remote and in-class learning experiences
Calendar and Time Table Management Scheduling customized or criterion-based learning experiences
Fee and payroll management Measuring learning efficacy
Library management Learner or topic-based playlists
Exam planner and scheduler Proctored examinations
Result and report card generator Customized learning paths
Integrated finance management Leaderboards and gamification for learners
Faculty management Teacher dashboards and analytics
Inventory management Dynamic content aggregation and design

These categories are not mutually exclusive - campus management solutions may have some learning experience features and vice-versa. However, what matters is how well these features are designed and implemented. This may be difficult to gauge without having in-depth experience with the platform or solution. But it would be safe to say that if you are looking to improve administrative efficiency, you should evaluate campus management solutions. However, if you are looking to improving learning efficacy, look for learning experience solutions.

While choosing a digital platform or solution, it is also very important to evaluate if the solution can readily integrate with your existing infrastructure. Most schools and colleges will have some digital infrastructure already – for example, mail servers, finance/accounting systems, or student information systems. The new solution that you are looking to adopt should be able to integrate with the existing sources of information and data in your institution.

In summary, nail down your requirements, evaluate solutions that match your requirements, and make sure that the solution you choose fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.
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Author: V Swapna Reddy

Founder and Strategic Advisor, Origin Learning Solutions

An entrepreneur and learning evangelist with 20 years of experience designing learning solutions for global organizations.

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