How Personalized Learning Can Impact Education

Researches have proved that not all students are able to learn successfully at the same pace. Learning style varies from student to student, so, in order to make every student successful, there is a need to concentrate on different approaches of teaching, 

different resources to provide, different environments to engage and different paths to move on. The concept that includes all the above solutions is “Personalized Learning”.

Personalized learning means individualization and differentiation of one’s learning. It’s a unique way of learning which meets a student’s individual interests, needs, expectations and activities. In this article, we discuss why learning should be personalized and how it will be beneficial to the education system.

Personalized Learning is Student Centered:

Personalized learning completely focuses on the needs of a student and it gives utmost priority to the student’s interests. The teacher becomes a facilitator to help each student learn according to his own interest, ability, style and need. This classroom teaching method acknowledges the student’s interest as central to enhance his learning. Traditional classroom teaching involves direct instruction from a teacher with the same curriculum for all students, while in personalized learning, student drives his learning.

Personalized Learning allows students to learn in their own styles:

Learning style varies from student to student as some students are visual learners, some are auditory learners while many are kinesthetic learners. Personalized learning through technology allows each student to adopt his own learning style instead of following the traditional classroom learning methods. Technology proves to be very helpful to students when a personalized learning approach is being followed.

Personalized learning engages students better than traditional classroom learning:

Most of the students today have the world on their fingertips. Today, they are able to access real time information, collaborate with others across the world and learn with many technological approaches. The 21st Century learners are more comfortable with technology aided learning as compared to the traditional pedagogical methods. But many of our educational institutions are still following the old traditional classroom teaching methods that may not help students learn effectively. Students pay less interest when they are confined to their seats and forced to listen to the one way lectures. If learning becomes personalized, education system shifts to 21st century learning. Personalized learning helps educators and administrators to engage students more effectively in classroom activities and ensure better learning and learning outcomes.

Personalized Learning supports Flipped Classroom model:

As we all know flipping a classroom enhances a student’s learning activity, the concept of flipping classroom can be used to create a more personalized environment for learners. Teachers find it as a very effective way to improve the classroom learning environment; instead of standing in front of students, delivering lectures and giving notes; teachers help each student by giving explanations to their doubts and engaging them into more intense learning activities and discussion. Flipped classroom model can be very easily made a part of personalized learning environment. For more information about the Flipped Model , you may refer our previous article “How Does Flipping Improve a Classroom?

These are the main features of personalized learning. We hope this information helps you know more about the importance of personalized learning in Education. The main motto behind personalizing the learning is to transform the traditional classroom into an interactive learning environment and to provide students with the ease of learning as each student is unique and learns differently. Educational institutions should upgrade their classroom models according to the 21st century environment.

We’d like to know your views on personalized learning and its impact on education, please share your views in the comment box below.


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