Canva is the go-to tool when it comes to creating digital graphics. Canva for Education is its extension for schools and education stakeholders that allows collaboration, real-time performance tracking, existing LMS integration, and the creation of various engaging graphics through its templates!

Canva for Education offers “Canva Pro” - Canva’s paid subscription - for free to teachers, schools, and students, giving them an engaging and experiential learning environment.

Here are 15 ways to use Canva in school to make teaching-learning more productive and exciting:

1. Brainstorms 

Canva’s 200+ ready-to-use templates make putting ideas together and brainstorming with students a cakewalk. Its accessible and interactive templates can be customised as needed, enabling students to put their thoughts to ink as they explore, create, collaborate, and share. Templates such as map charts, minimalist story mind maps, step-by-step flowcharts, and video storyboards allow students to focus on their creativity rather than presentation.

2. Calendar

Canva allows educators to create custom calendars for birthdays and examinations and plan for weekly, monthly or yearly goals. With over 500 customisable templates, Canva allows educators to make personalised and engaging calendars. Educators can even add photos, make pre-exam schedules with examination and revision dates, and specify days for particular topics to make exam prep effective.

3. Class Schedules

A beautiful looking, visible schedule always keeps students and teachers excited. And schedules are a breeze with Canva’s customisable and printable class schedule templates. Educators can quickly put their semesters and programs in order, collaborate with co-teachers, and finalise the academic year. They can also create a template from scratch and print it.

4. Flash Cards

Educators use flashcards to help students remember key concepts and improve their memory. Usually, these two-sided cards have a prompt on one side and an answer on the other. Used to teach formulas, vocabulary, procedures, and a ton else, flashcards are quick and easy to create with Canva. The platform offers a variety of templates and features with customisability and collaboration, making it the perfect tool for flashcard creation.

5. Book Covers

Students and educators can create unique book covers with Canva. With multiple options and the ability to alter them, book covers are simplified with Canva. Users need only filter the available templates based on the genre of the book, and they are good to go.

Tip: Educators can host book cover creation competitions and engage student creativity.


Art is a great way to help students unleash their creativity and improve their well-being. It is said that creating and completing a work of art helps an individual feel good, improves self-confidence, and reduces stress. Creating bookmarks is a great way to practice art, and Canva is an excellent platform for that. It provides a wide range of bookmark styles: minimalist, quote, simple, cute, modern, and more. Students can apply filters to get the preferred style, pick a template, customise it, and make a perfect bookmark.

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7. Lesson Plans

Canva has different lesson plan templates for different education levels, making it easier for educators to choose the right fit. Educators can select, customise, and give a creative twist to lesson plans to make them appealing, creating a “wow” factor. They can choose a cute template for kindergarteners or a minimalistic one for high school students.

8. Photo Books & Collages

Annual celebrations and special occasions are a part of every school’s co-curricular. Creating photo books and collages is a great way to create a memory lane for students. With Canva, you can choose customisable templates based on theme, style, size, and format.

Tip: When students create photo books and collages, they create permanent memories - moments they can access anytime, anywhere and share with parents, friends, and families. It’s a great way to promote school and its activities in the community.

9. Planners

Canva’s Planner templates can neatly and innovatively present to-do lists, budget planners, or any other information in an orderly fashion. A great option is to do weekly thoughts, maintain a gratitude journal or make regular to-do lists. Like everything else, the templates are customisable as per need.

Tip: With a planner, you can teach students how to manage money responsibly, be organised, and make notes to remember important things.

10. Postcards

Creating postcards is one of the most common activities schools engage students in as part of academics. Educators can use aesthetically pleasing templates to indulge students in themed postcards: vacation, connecting with friends, writing to grandparents, seasonal greetings, etc.

11. Posters

Canva’s eye-catching Poster templates easily convey any information, including information about events and seminars. They are ideal for bringing attention to class rules, lab regulations, competitions, events announcements, or other important information.

Tip: A stunning looking poster for a class activity or competition can bring excitement. Use Canva Posters and organise school-wide competitions and class activities.

12. Presentations

Slideshow templates on Canva allow educators to create and design interactive and engaging presentations. With over 3000 templates, educators can filter out the best fit per style, theme, and information area, ensuring neat and illustrative conveyance of all information.  Schools can also use Canva Presentation on their websites to inform visitors about achievements, announcements, competitions, etc., in all-new exciting formats.

Tip: Aptly spaced and timed information can stay forever with the learner. Use Canva Presentations to create a perfect presentation for your students.

13. Report Cards

Teachers can pick a template from over 80 designs, specifically curated for report cards, and share student performance with a twist. They can customise templates as per their requirements. Canva’s varied thematic templates for pre-school, mid-school, elementary school, and high school report cards simplify educators’ work by narrowing down the appropriate options.

Tip: Say bye to old and boring report cards, and welcome the intuitive, appealing, and information focused report cards that highlight the correct details for students and parents.

14. Storyboards

Storytelling offers a fresh perspective and helps convey information creatively and engagingly. The ease of creating a storyboard on Canva ensures that educators can bring interactive and engaging content to students. Canva offers varied templates such as grid, collage, simple, and illustration, including many others. All templates are customisable with easy collaboration and sharability options.

Tip: Stories have a profound and long-lasting impact on memory and learning. Students learn more and retain information for longer through stories. This is the reason many subjects have stories as part of the curriculum. Use the Canva Storyboard tool to create your own stories to engage and teach students.

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15. Worksheets

Worksheets are essential to reinforcing concepts across all ages. Canva offers a hassle-free way of creating a variety of interactive and topic-suited worksheets with the available templates. These templates can be shared online with students or printed for distribution. Educators can rapidly use the templates to create engaging and appealing worksheets for all ages.

Tip: Students tend to learn, understand and memorise better when they get a chance to do hands-on activities around what is taught. Worksheets are the go-to choice for educators to allow students to get a hands-on experience.

Canva has made a mark in international regions; over 57 million monthly active users in 190 countries, including a staggering 15 million teachers and students, have created more than 4 billion designs on the platform.

With over 3 million ready-to-use and customisable templates, stock photos, fonts, icons and videos, Canva has become the choice for everyone, including professionals across a range of industries.

With Canva for Education bringing paid features for free to the education industry, the staggering number of teacher and student users on the platform indicates how valuable the platform is.

Canva is now welcoming Indian schools, school leaders and educators to try the platform and adopt it to upgrade the pedagogy, making education fun, engaging and creative.

You can reach out to the Canva team for any query, including demo requests, use case consultation, account setup, and anything else using this form.

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