How Airwatch Has Been Successful in Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Mobile technology is making its presence felt around the world and is revolutionizing the way business is done by improving business processes, increasing productivity and enhancing the customer experience.

As mobility becomes critical to your overall 

business strategy, you need a solution to officially secure, configure and manage all your mobile devices deployed across your organization.

Airwatch provides the most comprehensive solutions for securing and managing complex mobile deployments. It enables you to officially manage multiple business units and locations in a single console with the ability to dedicate access and management across your organization, and no matter what devices your organization is supporting today Airwatch provides the most extensive multi OS management solution across all the leading mobile operating systems. With Airwatch’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution you can enable mobility to drive value for your business.

Airwatch has consequently turned out to be a success in the management of mobile devices, owing to its manifold features and impeccable functionality ranging from configuration to support. The following points account for Airwatch becoming one of the leaders in MDM:

  • Activation: The usual process for protecting devices whether you adopt a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policy or issue corporate liable devices by enrolling the device into a MDM system is improved in AirWatch which lets associate and activate devices in one simple step, without the need for iTunes, or any such software, in your environment. Once enrolled in the AirWatch console, your company's admins can easily make changes, insure compliance and monitor the device by using the Web-based console.
  • Enrollment: AirWatch's device enrollment process begins with the device staging procedure, which lets IT administrators quickly stage a device with the proper configuration and prepare it for deployment. This process can also be used for bulk enrollments that involve large-scale mobile device deployment.
  • Security: The security features of AirWatch extend past the passcode method of providing security and also offer the ability to configure password complexity and mandate encryption on the device storage cards. This secures all data being stored on and transmitted to a device and by providing local data backup, adds an element of data loss prevention.
  • Device Management: Once deployed, devices can be easily managed. You can update each device configuration profile, send a request to a device to request information, lock device or when necessary, wipe it of all data remotely, un-enroll that device using the Admin console to decommission it and also set up custom queries at custom intervals in order to report on any device information.
  • Configuration: All devices enrolled in the AirWatch system can be configured remotely. Admins can configure device settings or user credentials to allow access to certain resources on your network.
  • Monitoring: AirWatch includes interactive dashboards and Web portals to help you track and view device information in real-time. Visibility and access are tightly controlled. Admins and end users can also receive alerts triggered by specific events.
  •  Support: It provides an ability to support your user community remotely. Admins can send messages to the user, and vice-versa, to troubleshoot problems or can remotely control the device from their own computer. Users can also access a self-service portal.

Here’s a case-study to illustrate one of the best practices adopted by a school with the implementation of Airwatch:

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Roseville City School District Embraces Mobility in the Classroom and Promotes eLearning with AirWatch”

The Challenge: Mobility in the classroom allows for students and teachers to be more engaged in the learning process. Young students feel more comfortable learning on devices they have used while growing up. It is imperative for schools everywhere to embrace technology and to provide a management tool to ensure appropriate device use. Roseville City School District decided to use mobility in the classroom and needed a way for the tablets to be shared among students with an effective means to deploy curriculum. The mobile management solution also needed to save the IT team valuable time.

The Client: Roseville City School District in California recently deployed tablets to their K-12 student body and teachers to stay on the cutting edge of fresh academic initiatives. Many families move to Northern California for schools like Roseville and their excellent reputation. The growth of the school creates an opportune time to make the move towards mobility. So, the school wanted a way to manage document sharing and apps on student devices. It also required Google domains for its three campuses, which were made possible through AirWatch which hosts everything.

The Solution: AirWatch gave Roseville a roadmap of what could be done now and in the future in terms of mobile management, which made it simple to gradually deploy the solution in the school. AirWatch gave more credibility to the IT department during this exponential growth period. With AirWatch-secured Wi-Fi, the devices can tie into internal and guest networks with no problem. The school must also follow the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA ). With user-specifi­c profi­les, GPS (Global Positioning System) can be turned off on devices so that no child is being tracked and the school stays COPPA compliant. Security remains a top concern for the school district as well. Now, they can put in G-rated apps and categorize them through the iTunes Store. The rating ensures that the students are not accessing material that is inappropriate. AirWatch also provides an education-speci­fic support team. Unlike other vendors, it understands the needs of academic institutions, speci­fically. It also understands the significance of having shared devices between students allows app rating. As Roseville continues to grow as a district, it is confi­dent with AirWatch’s scalability and that the solution will meet the technology needs of the school.

I’d like to infer from the above case-study that with the aid of the highly competent MDM solution provided by Airwatch, the Roseville City School was successfully able to deploy mobility in its campuses, all thanks to the expandability and scalability of the solution. It simplified all the management tasks for the school with a reliable, all-inclusive and highly secure solution and helped it to go mobile in an efficient and productive way.

The services offered by Airwatch can be deployed on-premise of your organization, through Airwatch Appliance for a turnkey enterprise deployment or can be made available on an environment for enterprises deploying SaaS (Software as a Service).

It is undeniable that advanced mobile devices and applications are critical to an organization's success; hence enterprises need a comprehensive smartphone and mobile device management solution like Airwatch, which encompasses deployment, security, monitoring, management and support. It provides the technology to simplify these processes across multiple device types and mobile operating systems in one single console.

I recommend all businesses, enterprises, small/large scale organizations and the like to avail the services of this fascinating development, Airwatch and feel the difference themselves. You are invited to share your views, additional knowledge and clarify doubts on the same. The Comment Box awaits you.


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