K12 Blogs You Need To Follow In 2022

K12 Blogs You Need To Follow In 2022

A teacher’s job is evolving every day. It can get challenging for educators to keep up with the constant changes in the sector.

Technology advancement has made it more challenging for educators to stay updated with the constant changes. Even with platforms like EdTechReview - a global EdTech platform from India - covering a range of global EdTech news, trends, topics, etc. for all educational stakeholders, teachers need access to more & more resources.

To that end, we have compiled a list of k12 blogs educators can follow to stay updated on the latest EdTech trends:

1. edutopia

One of the most popular and go-to resources for teachers, eduTopia provides practical classroom strategies and tips from real educators. The platform also covers lesson ideas, personal stories, and innovative approaches to enhance teaching strategies. If you’re looking for interesting articles that can help students improve their mindset, create harmony in the classroom, and build a positive and inclusive culture, eduTopia is the way to go. You can also find high school book recommendations on the website.

2. NEA Today

NEA Today brings all the latest news and features from the National Education Association. For all who’d like to stay updated on everything in the education industry and see the research, theories, and ideas to implement in the classroom, this is the perfect blog to follow.

3. iLearn Technology

Featuring nifty tech tips, information on web tools, and a great series of articles on professional development, teacher-turned-tech integration specialist Kelly Tenkely is behind this blog.

4. Resilient Educator

Resilient Educator has informative blogs on classroom arrangement tips for maximum creativity, professional development resources, how to de-stress and maintain your sanity during the school year, and more! It also features many other key topics, including inclusive education, STEM and STEAM, instructional design, early childhood education, trauma and resilience. This virtual space addresses the needs of educators and shares excellent articles to help educators in their classrooms.

5. Common Sense Media

This platform combines original research with game-changing advocacy efforts to make the digital world work better for kids. It rates movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, and other such entertainment elements explaining the values they provide to kids. This ensures that kids get access to the right resources, and families can feel good about the entertainment choices they make for their kids.

Offering a robust library of independent age-based ratings and reviews, Common Sense Media has been the leading source of age-appropriate entertainment and technology recommendations since 2003. Millions of educators and parents trust Common Sense reviews and advice on digital entertainment for kids.

6. Gaggle Speaks

The Gaggle Speaks blog advocates safety of all forms. You’ll find resources to support struggling students, SEL to help younger students, podcasts sharing inspiring stories, etc.  

This is a must-follow blog to understand various initiatives on digital citizenship, associated policies, and how you can educate and create awareness around it among students.

7. Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom

With amazing pieces on formative assessment in remote learning, social media in the classroom, single point rubrics for feedback, elements for successful remote learning, etc., Steven Anderson—an educator and District Instructional Technologist—is the man behind Blogging about the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom. It’s his place to unwind and share his take on all things k12 and professional development.

8. Free Technology for Teachers

Free Technology for Teachers is Richard Byrne’s award-winning blog. Follow this blog to stay up-to-date on the latest news in educational technology, access valuable links to Google Tutorials, free downloads, lists of essential educator resources, guides to creating educational videos, and information about Android as an asset in schools.

Byrne is a Google Certified teacher who left teaching over a decade ago and focuses on writing and consulting. His blog has a plethora of free resources for teachers. You’ll find amazing web tools for the classroom, practical tips for their application and everything that can revamp your classroom through technology. With more than 45,000 daily subscribers, it’s considered an industry must-read.

9. Creating Lifelong Learners

Creating Lifelong Learners is the award-winning blog by Matthew Needleman. The blog entails tips on creating iPhone app-based reading remedies and shares ideas for presenting videos in the classroom that incorporate digital movie making. You’ll also find resources on elementary education during the pandemic, how to show movies in the class, and more.

Needleman is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Innovator who advocates the use of instructional technology.

10. Teacher Reboot Camp

Shelly Terrell authors this resource-rich blog. She shares video interviews with teachers, lists of helpful teaching resources, and aims to create a healthy collaborative environment to help teachers engage students.

You’ll find great reads on how to find the right tool to inspire learners, engaging lesson templates, brainstorming tools, safe search engines and research websites for kids and more!

11. On an e-Journey with Generation Y

Australian information technology teacher Anne Mirtschin shares her passion for incorporating technology into learning through this blog. She shares tutorials for using online tools like wikis and writes informative blogs about taking rural students into the city to experience working in the city.

You’ll find helpful resources on MOOCs, game-based learning, ideal youtube channels, online teaching and learning, 21st-century education and more!

12. 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

This blog features a section entitled “The Goldmine of Free Resources, Tools, Lessons, and PD,” which links over 240 tutorials, a global discussion board, and a repository of collaboration, research, and teaching tools.

Run by Michael Gorman, this blog provides helpful articles focusing on tips for teaching 21st-century learners with reviews of educational game sites and intriguing discussions about moving toward a digital curriculum.

Gorman is an industry expert and frequently presents technology implementation in educational settings. His blog, 21st Century Technology and Learning, is education’s gold standard in tech blogging and has several awards. It is one of the most trusted awards in the education industry and is a must-follow for k1 stakeholders.

13. Kassblog

Kassblog discusses open-source tools for education, iPad usage in the classroom, how schools can integrate experiential learning, and takes readers through the experience of troubleshooting IT issues. Richard Kassissieh, the man behind this blog, is the Assistant Head of School for Academics and Strategic Initiatives at University Prep in Seattle, Washington, USA. His user-friendly blog has multiple blogs in each of the numerous categories. It’s an excellent resource for educators looking to learn more about tech integration.

14. TeachThought

TeachThought focuses on using innovative teaching methods and changing the face of education. Covering compelling topics such as teaching empathy in the classroom, using inquiry-based learning, key elements of project-based learning, and how teachers can implement them, it talks about EdTech topics with inputs from industry experts and certified educators.

15. Getting Smart

Getting Smart is an interesting blog that covers various topics such as ways to incorporate innovative ideas in the classroom, effective teaching strategies, inclusive education, and more. It is a perfect blog for educators to follow and get their thought together for action.

16. Te@cher Toolkit

Te@cher Toolkit covers exciting topics like using comedy to improve literacy and more. Ross Morrison McGill is the man behind UK’s most influential education blog that also tops some US lists. He is an expert who has been teaching for over 18 years now.

17. Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension

This blog offers tips, tricks, and ideas on tackling various situations within classrooms. It also offers other resources, including lesson plans, book recommendations, and more. Run by Pernille Ripp, an educational influencer and the Global Read Aloud Project founder, this blog is a global literacy initiative that has connected more than millions of students on 6 continents since its inception in September 2010.

18. Shake Up Learning

The Shake Up Learning blog shares crucial information educators can use to run a digital classroom, focusing on creating a Google classroom. The author, Kasey Bell, has written an entire book on Google classroom. As a certified Google educator, innovator, and trainer, she enumerates and explains numerous ways educators can use technology in the classroom.

19. Pearson Teaching & Learning Blog

This Teaching and Learning Pre-K-12 blog by Pearson, a popular education solution provider, has informative resources with tips, ideas, and thoughts to ponder. Their products and services in the education field are a class apart, and it shows in their blog.

20. Cult of Pedagogy

Cult Of Pedagogy is an excellent blog with the latest information on teaching and easy to implement classroom tips. The topics covered vary from dealing with youth running away from home from a teacher’s perspective to EdTech tools you need to try.

Keep adding to the list in the comment section below.

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