EdTech Blogs You Must Follow

EdTech Blogs You Must Follow

EdTech is at the core of education, and all community stakeholders must stay abreast with EdTech news and updates.

With constant changes, funds traction, investments, acquisitions, and movement in the EdTech space, following blogs to keep a check is the way out. Here is a list of EdTech blogs to help you keep a check on the industry news.

1. EdTechReview

First and foremost, you must follow EdTechReview for your daily dose of all EdTech-related news and updates. Our website is an extensive news platform that doesn't miss anything. A must-follow for all education stakeholders. Our followers get to stay updated on exclusive edtech coverage in India and network with education dignitaries through webinars and virtual events covering an array of topics like cloud technology in education, artificial intelligence, edtech trends, and all things under the edtech umbrella. Subscribe to our newsletter and skip nothing no more.

2. The EdTech Roundup

The EdTech Roundup started in early 2013 to help educators with technology integration. The platform provides a roundup of the latest educational technology news, and a collection of reviews, lesson plans, suggested applications, weekly podcasts, and professional development ideas. The Roundup is run by Mike Karlin, an award-winning educator with over a decade of classroom experience.

3. Education Technology And Mobile Learning

A comprehensive website that covers everything EdTech. You can find fantastic resources on advanced tech learning like 3D Printing, AR, VR, and apps for various subjects. The site also covers blogs on 21st-century education, academic journals, brainstorming in education, cloud computing, creative commons, media literacy, and more.

4. iLearn Technology By Kelly Tenkely

Kelly Tenkely has been a teacher in the past and currently working on her Learning Genome Project. With extensive experience in teaching and as a technology integration specialist, she aims to provide comprehensive resources on tech integration in the classroom through her blog. You can find easy to implement ideas for using technology in the classroom. With the belief that technology meets students' needs, engages them, and helps them be the best learners, her blog is the perfect resource for educators looking to incorporate technology into classrooms.

5. Teacherrogers

Sandra Annette Rogers is the woman behind this excellent blog. She has been an educator in various educational settings, from a rural hut in Honduras to a laboratory school at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) to distance education worldwide. She's an instructional designer, author, content developer, trainer, and researcher. She's a certified teacher of other languages (TESOL). Her blog consists of EdTech articles on various topics that can help educators enhance their teaching, and professional development network. You'll find blogs on online assessment, online discussions for social presence and more.

6. Derek Tangredi Educational Technology Blog – Hacked Education

Derek Tangredi is the man behind this blog. He aims to engage, and empower students through Coding, Making, Inquiry, and extend learning beyond the classroom. Hacked Education is his non-profit venture that provides students access and the ability to use technology and equipment ordinarily unavailable to them at home or through their schools. He's a recipient of an excellence award for his work around Mathematics, STEAM, Maker Education, Computational Thinking, and Empathetic Design. The blog entails various posts on coding, design thinking, computational thinking, EdTech, G-Suite, etc.

7. EdTech Digest

EdTech Digest covers all things EdTech. It's a colour-coded site where blogs on innovations,their innovators and excellent tools are in fiery gold. The Interviews and the leadership tips blogs are in purple. Blog posts and articles by trendsetters are poised in blue-green. The website features a variety of posts on the categories mentioned above. Annually, they host EdTech awards for Cool Tool, Leadership and Trendsetter.

8. eLearning Industry

eLearning Industry is a leading publishing platform that delivers industry-specific content to education professionals. It is a must-follow blog for educators, administrators, and every education stakeholder interested in using technology in education. You can expect inspiring stories from industry experts and informative blogs on learning and development in your professional learning network through this blog.

9. Ask A Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher is a group of teachers who work together to bring forward the most helpful advice, discussions, tips, lesson plans, and anything EdTech that can help students and teachers flourish in the classroom. You can expect five new posts every week, and the blog has intriguing posts on college preparations for a career, bilingual education, social media, web tools, apps and more.

10. Cool Cat Teacher by Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis is popularly known as the Cool Cat Teacher and has been an IT Director and teacher since 2002. She was ranked #1 global education influencer in 2021 by ISC Research. Her blog is a must-follow for all education stakeholders and covers various topics like instructional technology, virtual museums for students, classroom culture, school activities, SEL games, etc. The site offers you to access grade-appropriate resources making it quick for teachers to read and learn about education and technology for their classrooms.

11. Teacher Tech by Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler is the author of 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom and a Google Certified Educator. Her blog covers educational topics like 3D Printing, Google Classrooms, Coding, 21st-century education, Common Core and more

12. EdTech Magazine

As the name suggests, EdTech Magazine is the go-to platform to learn all about education technology in K-12 and higher education. The platform covers news, trends, tools, tips and everything that would help all education stakeholders. It's a must-follow blog, and you can subscribe to their newsletter for regular updates.

13. The Innovative Educator by Lisa Nielsen

Lisa Nielsen is The Innovative Educator. She shares innovative ways to help prepare students for relevant and real-world success through her blog. Lisa has been recognized for her inspiring work. She has received awards such as Teacher of the Year by her district and the most recent, International Society of Technology Educator's Making IT Happen award. Lisa has been named a top influencer on the topic of "Bring Your Own Device" - BYOD. Her blog is a must-follow for all educators and education stakeholders interested in education technology.

14. Free Technology 4 Teachers

While ideas are great, implementation remains the biggest challenge for many teachers. A lack of resources and tools plagues many schools, making it more difficult to use technology in the classroom. Richard Byrne addresses this in his blog, Free Technology 4 Teachers. His well-organized site is a treasure trove of free apps, software, videos, and graphics that teachers can use in the classroom right away. Practical and straightforward, Byrne gives suggestions that even the least tech-savvy teacher can use.

15. MindShift

MindShift is an out of the box blog that'll break your monotony of reading blogs. The blog features exciting and unique EdTech content that educators will thoroughly enjoy. The platform focuses on education and the role of technology in it, discoveries about the brain, racial and gender bias in education, emotional and social learning, inequities, mental health and many other issues that affect students directly. It also highlights how educators teach by applying innovative ideas to help students learn.

16. Steve Hargadon

Steve Hargadon's blog is a plethora of current information on educational technologies. He's an EdTech leader and the director of the Web 2.0 Labs, host of the Future of Education interview series, chair of the Social Learning Summit and the Learning 2.0 Conference, and co-chair of the annual Global Education and Library 2.0 worldwide conferences. Being one of the top experts on educational technology, readers will surely enjoy his blog, giving them plenty of innovative ideas.

17. Integration Innovation by Kathi Kersznowski

Kathi Kersznowski is an EdTech blogger, Keynote speaker, and education leader. With experience in technology Integration and skills in creating innovative professional development programs, educational leadership, leadership, presentations, STEM education and educational technology, her blog is a knowledge haven for people keen to learn about EdTech. You'll find intriguing posts on various tools you can use in the classroom, advanced technology like augmented reality, and more EdTech stuff.

18. Tales Of A Techy Teacher By Kammas Kersch

Karmas Kersch is an innovation specialist working to support and empower teachers and schools in STEM, computer science, and ed-tech. Her blog covers insights and real-life stories on distance learning, gamification, tips for teachers, social media, podcasts, tools you can use in the classroom, coding, and much more.

19. Emerging EdTech

Kelly Walsh is the man behind Emerging EdTech. The site focuses on “How can Educators use Technology to Support Student-Centered Learning and Help Improve Learning Outcomes”. Kelly is the CIO at The College of Westchester in White Plains, NY, where he also teaches as a Faculty of Administration. This is his weblog where he shares informative blogs on adaptive learning technologies, teaching tips, 3D printing in education, assessments, AR, VR, and more. The site is a great platform to interact, network and build a worldwide community of educators and technologists exploring the use of technology.

20. Innovation In Education By Amany Atef

Amany Atef is a Smart Learning & Innovation Strategist. She holds 20 years of an accomplished track record of innovation in the intersection of technology, and learning science, with global recognition for leading award-winning EdTech projects; in Egypt, GCC, Europe, and India. Her blog covers stories on EdTech trends, artificial intelligence in education, critical issues in teaching and learning, innovative learning and more.

21. EdSurge

With the ever-changing landscape of education, EdSurge bridges the gap by sharing the latest in education technology. Onboard journalism is backed by scientific research, demographic shifts, business interest, and other socioeconomic forces that directly impact teaching and learning. The platform shares stories that elevate the voices and experiences of educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders working towards equitable opportunities for all learners. EdSurge aims to bridge the information gaps between those who drive change in education and those they serve.

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