How to Bring Innovation, Education and Technology Together to Help Children Learn Better

How to Bring Innovation, Education and Technology Together to Help Children Learn Better
In other words, can innovation, education and technology be the ingredients for a better education? For answering this, one needs to know the meaning of learning better. Learning depends mainly on three factors, student’s interest, teacher’s ability and 
environment. Increasing the standard of learning means increasing student’s interest, diversifying teacher’s ability and providing a suitable environment.

Innovation is a driver of growth and well-being. New technologies, products, services and organizations create jobs and rejuvenate industries – while making others obsolete. To reap the gains of innovation, policy makers need to understand, how the way we innovate is changing and what this implies for education and training policies. There is a need for integration of technology in education for innovations and creativity to bloom out of the box. "We've been on the brink of radical transformation in education for about 20 years now," says Eylan Ezekiel, digital engagement consultant for ONSchool.

The benefits and restrictions of technology and its help in innovation on education are numerous and evident to all of us. But the question of hour remaining is “how” to do the integration of the same. One strategy can be a step-wise amalgamation of technology with innovation, thus progressively making the learning more productive and ‘better’.


Government policies play the largest role in the progress of any strategy. Education has always been a top priority on the manifesto of government, but what we need now is more emphasis on technology and its integration as a tool for maximizing efficiency. Allowing more budgets for the research and development sector of institutions. Finally, increasing the benchmark standard of education overall. This will enhance the abilities of teachers and diversify them for appropriate use.


This can be better said as enhancing the quality of education through increased personalization, precision and introduction of latest ed-tech knowledge and practices. Technology with the help of Internet today, gives the perfect personalization and exposure. Thus students can have more interactive sessions and a better environment.


Competition is a great motivator and thus broadcasting is one method to bring students with various intelligence levels and combine them for one greater good. “Great brains work Miracles”. This will help in increasing the interests of students all-round the year and making them thinkers, rather than just listeners.


The very next step of being a listener is exploring the possibilities. Students will explore their niche, whereas, educational institutions should always have exploratory researches going on, for a vivid and out of box solution to the problems faced by the education system today.


It literally means integrating more and more technology and personalization. Technology is a boon for education and has become a need. Today for a successful integration of innovation and education, one has to have more and more facilities and thus methods to achieve the same. As discussed earlier, for an improved learning one needs to have better environment.


Last but not the least, as it is being said, “The more you put in hours, the more hours you will need.” So, the best method for integration of Innovation and Technology with Education, would be to have the children spend more and more time with books, projects, assignments, etc. Thus keeping their energy focused and enhancing their creativity.

It is clearly evident that the three major ingredients are highly needed together for any significant improvement in the learning of children. But the methods to do so, largely depends upon the situation and available resources for the institutions. 


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