20 Higher Education Blogs You Must Follow In 2022

20 Higher Education Blogs

While podcasts are gaining popularity and advanced multimedia has diversified our information consumption scope, blogs remain the go-to.

Higher education is a wide field with a lot to share and read on. Segment stakeholders are keen to know more about reliable resources they can check for regular news and movements in the industry. Platforms like ours - EdTechReview - is a global edtech media platform from India, focus on all things education, covering edtech news, trends, insights, and funding via regular blog updates, webinars, meetups, live sessions, etc. that can help all stay abreast with everything that is happening.

Here is a list of higher education blogs you must follow to stay updated and well-versed with everything in the higher education domain.

1. Inside HigherEd

Inside HigherEd gives you daily news updates from the higher education industry. It's a news website for people keen to know all about higher education. It offers higher education news, education openings, career advice, and events for faculties, colleges, students, administrators, and other industry stakeholders. The website features over 20 new blog posts every week.

2. HigherEd Dive

HigherEd Dive focuses on important news and trends in higher education, providing in-depth journalism and insights for higher education stakeholders. You can read online learning blogs, policies and regulations, legal matters, enrolment, leadership, and other vital areas in higher education. You can subscribe to their daily email newsletter for a regular dose of higher education news and insights.

3. Faculty Focus: HigherEd Teaching Strategies

The platform offers a free website and newsletter dedicated to teachers and instructors. Unlike many blogs with paywalls, there is no limit to your information consumption. The website features three weekly blogs written by industry experts and practitioners. You can find informative content on what will work in the classroom and online environments.

Faculty Focus was the winner of the 2017 MERLOT Faculty Development Classics Award and is currently ranked no. Seven in the Teach100 daily ranking of education blogs. With a focus on teaching strategies, Faculty Focus is an essential tool for teachers to share what they implement in the classroom (online or F2F) and learn what other instructors are doing worldwide.

4. The Chronicle Of Higher Education

One of the leaders in higher education journalism, The Chronicle of Higher Education provides readers with essential real-time news and insights, knowledge on basic tools, career opportunities and advice, and industry knowledge to succeed in a fast-changing world. The platform is popular in colleges and universities, with over 2 million regular readers and 1,650 organizations contributing to their journalism. You can subscribe to their newsletter to read everything about higher education and engage in the ongoing conversation on key issues that make-or-break higher education.

5. Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education aims to be the definitive source of data, insight, and expertise on higher education worldwide. The platform is built on 10 million data points from 2,500 institutions in 93 countries, unrivaled news, wisdom, intelligence, and a relationship of trust spanning 50 years. You can follow the blog to attain a deep understanding of the dynamics underpinning higher education decisions. Through their growing database, they have developed a suite of tools that supports the strategic goals of universities around the world. They also provide data to governments and are a must-follow blog for higher education leaders.

6. EdTech Magazine

EdTech Magazine is the blog you should read to know and understand the dynamics of technology incorporation in the industry. It explores technology and education issues that IT leaders and educators face when evaluating and implementing a solution. The website features over five new posts every week. It has informative articles that higher-ed stakeholders can benefit from.

7. Advance Higher Education

Advance Higher Education is a member-led, sector-owned charity that works with institutions and higher education worldwide to improve higher education for staff, students, and society. They aim to enhance confidence and trust in higher-ed, address systemic inequalities, and advance education to meet students and society's evolving needs, supporting the work of community members and the higher-ed sector. The key focus is enhancing teaching and learning, effective governance, leadership development, and tackling inequalities through equal, diverse, and inclusive (EDI) work.

The platform also offers support through professional development programs and events, fellowships, awards, student surveys, strategic change and consultancy services, and membership (including accreditation of teaching and learning, equality charters, research, knowledge, and resources). Follow this blog to access expertise and best practices and network with global associates, partners, and higher-ed stakeholders to understand contexts, challenges, and solutions.

8. Volt Edu

Volt started on the notion that when individual beliefs are shared, successes and failures, the level of the marketing game rises across the entirety of higher education. Follow this blog to find opinions, case studies, best practices, helpful resources, and how-to guides written for higher education marketers by higher education marketers.

The platform aims to become required reading for current and aspirational education executives who wish to elevate how schools communicate their uniqueness and value. Subscribe to their monthly newsletter and stay updated on new articles, helpful resources, and key announcements.

9. HigherEd Data Stories by Joe Boeckenstedt

Believing that data can make stories richer and provide more insight into the things we live out daily, Joe Boeckenstedt shares stories for higher-ed leaders from the United States. You'll find compelling blogs on enrollments, graduation rates, pandemic enrollments, grants, university tuition discounts, and overlooked topics with data-supported insights.

10. The Scholarly Teacher

The Scholarly Teacher emphasizes the importance of an informed and practiced approach to enhancing student learning by improving effective teaching. You'll find informative articles on teaching strategies, the technology you can use in the classroom, growth mindset, team-based learning, service learning, etc. A must-follow blog for every instructor and educator in higher education.

11. HigherEd Geek

Dustin Ramsdell is the man behind HigherEd Geek. Starting in 2013, the blog shares informative tips, insights, and other light reads that can help higher education stakeholders in and out of the campus. You'll find intriguing blogs on higher-ed marketing, community colleges and community-based learning, digital engagement, etc. Make sure you check out the HigherEd Geek podcast as well.

12. Higher Education Inquirer

This is a data-driven source asking tough questions about US higher education. It is another excellent read to understand higher education's deep-rooted issues. You'll find reads on education policies, enrolment issues, college transparency, the for-profit college system, student loans, and other vital areas that are often overlooked.

13. Student and Employer Demand Trends For Higher Education By Gray Associates

Gray Associates is a strategy consulting firm focused on higher education. It helps education clients develop fact-based institutional and marketing strategies that maximize outcomes for students, schools, and constituencies. This blog focuses on the latest employer and student demand trends for higher education. This blog will help you learn to use industry data to make informed academic program decisions, sustainable educational strategies, theoretical resourcing models, advanced higher education technology, mental health programs, and more.

14. SRHE

The Society for Research into Higher Education is an independent UK-based international society that aims to improve higher education quality. The platform is ideal for reading about digital technologies in higher education, block grants, book proposals, edtech investors, etc. It's a comprehensive website, and you'll find many valuable resources besides informative blogs.

15. Diverse Issues In Higher Education

Diverse began writing 37 years ago about diversity, equality, and inclusion in higher education, long before diversity and multiculturalism became "hot-button" issues. Even today, they continue to provide honest, thorough, and balanced information. It is the preeminent source of critical news, information, and insightful commentary on the full range of issues concerning diversity in American higher education.

16. Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander is an award-winning, internationally known futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher in higher education. He advocates for technology in higher education. His blog covers a wide range of tech-related topics that can be inspirational and informative. You'll find informative pieces on finance, international higher education, and the latest news in the US. You can check out the weekly blog to stay updated.

17. HighEdWebTech

Mike Richwalsky is the man behind the blog. He is an accomplished speaker who focuses on the technical side of marketing and web development, digital marketing, video, cloud, and social media.

The blog is ideal for the administration looking after higher education institutes' aspects mentioned above. You'll find informative pieces on data backups, social media for higher education, investments, the future of higher education, and more.

18. University Business

University business is an excellent blog for all those in administration. It will keep you informed on various aspects of college administration and help you plan better for the future. The blog features multiple posts regularly. You will find influential blogs on on-campus security, finance, enrollment, management, and more.

19. Teaching in HigherEd

Bonni Stachowiak is the lady behind this blog. She is the host and producer of the teaching in the higher-ed podcast, dean of teaching and learning, and a professor of business and management. The blog features fantastic resources like lists of higher-ed podcasts, a digital toolkit for higher-ed, student engagement, etc. This is the right place to build a network and engage with other community members through informative blogs and podcasts.

20. Frontiers

This is the blog to follow if you wish to stay updated with the latest in eLearning. The blog features several new posts a week. It covers various eLearning topics, such as adaptive learning, policies, and the use of the latest virtual tools.

Keep adding to this list in the comment section below.

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