List Of Career Accelerators For Teenagers 

List of career accelerators for teenagers 

Taking the right professional path is probably the most important decision in any person's life. 

Some can choose the right career, while others cannot. They fall victim to career indecision. Making it essential to explore the opportunities and seek guidance from the experts as it is the need of the hour to cater to millions of confused individuals.

Thus, to help you in the best way possible, we bring you a list of popular career accelerators, especially for teenagers.

Tech Nuttiez

Tech Nuttiez is an excellent place for innovators, enthusiasts, and technology enthusiasts to educate young people globally about technology. This platform has helped many students and young enthusiasts learn about robotics and programming through many project tutorials in written and video formats. Also, many students claim to have successfully built their robots and other technology projects with the help of Tech Nuttiez tutorials.

Students can visit Tech Nuttiez on Instructables, the world's biggest DIY platform; it has an extensive list of project tutorial videos on YouTube. Furthermore, they can view the latest Arduino projects on the official Arduino Project Hub; also Visit Tech Nuttiez on, one of the largest innovator communities.

Tech Nuttiez claims to have over 250,00 minutes of video content watched across several platforms and 10,000+ followers across various internet platforms, and 700,000+ views on the content of all types on the internet.


For teenagers looking for opportunities, InternNova is one of the best platforms. It makes finding an internship easy and accessible for high-school students worldwide! Through InterNova, they can connect with prestigious global companies, which will help build resumes and gain invaluable inexperience to kick start your career!

The platform aims to provide high school students with the best quality internships, improve accessibility and give students an experience beyond a classroom.

Spotlyt Academy

Ensuring access to the new engaging learning experience, that too, hands-on! Spotlyt offers courses such as Modern Art, Fashion Design, Gardening, Aerodynamics, and more, along with Spotlyt equipment boxes, to give students life-long learning experiences. Not only this, the platform lets you instantly clear doubt on our platform with experts.

Spotlyt also gives access to online courses on new engaging themes delivered by industry experts. It also provides a certificate upon completion.


An exclusive learning community lets learners participate in peer-group discussions and build life-long relationships. On MyCaptain, the courses are created with experts and have a gamified learning journey. To access the live cohort-based learning provided by experts, click on the experts' icon and find portfolio-worthy projects and gain practical insight through internships; click on the internship and job opportunities icon.

You can also crack different jobs with their esteemed Job & Internship Partners in your field of interest; you can explore the job and internship opportunities.

Aside from these, you can get LoRs from mentors and industry-ratified certifications to show off your new skill set. The platform has something for everyone.

Career Clinic

Founded in 2016, Career Clinic is a Delhi-based Career Clinic that aims to help children choose a career, not by chance. It is an initiative of Xform Learning. This enjoyment-based construct can assess 175 traits that make up the human preference universe and generate a report that can give them an enjoyment or satisfaction index. Another best thing is that students and their parents are equal stakeholders in deciding their career paths.

Thanks to the conversation feature through which, they create a safe space where parents and children can be heard. A sense of collaboration is finally built into a consensus where the child selects three careers, after which they browse through and create a career index.


Established to help teens choose the right path, Brainwonders strive to help learners make informed decisions about their careers. The platform connects parents and their kids with industry experts and provides guidance and coaching.

For better help, it lets parents and students assess and understand a child's innate characteristics, inborn learning style or ability, discover their hidden talent and potential, and understand their skills and potential.

Aside from these, career counseling helps determine their strengths, weaknesses, learning patterns, and interests. From helping the learners choose the right board, course, and college to choose the right job, the counselor guides them in mapping the entire pathway to the desired goals.

In a nutshell, the education counselor assists the student in choosing the right course that matches the skill set of the student to maximize satisfaction and performance.

Harrison Assessments

Dr. Harrison, an expert in Personality Theory, Counselling Psychology, Human Potential Psychology, and mathematics, founded Harrison assessment in 1990 with a vision to help individuals select and develop top talent. It has assessed more than 20 million individuals in over 30 countries.

With 20 + Years of Performance Research - Harrison Assessments are based on more than 20 years of performance research focusing on understanding the differences between high and low performers. The assessments are highly valid and reliable.

This platform also evaluates the suitability component of each Career option by assessing the child's personality traits and comparing them with the suitability factors, including attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, interests, work values, and work preferences. Most systems only measure personality. It has over 175+ behavioral traits.


Creating a buzz in the career guidance space since its inception in 2018, Lifelogy is a startup that has partnered with the Uttar Pradesh government in providing digital career guidance at schools across the state. It also collaborated with the Adani Foundation to support children in the coastal area of Kerala in career selection, and even GEMS Partner Education, the world's largest provider of K-12 education, has made Lifology a permanent partner for career assessment and mentorship of its students in more than 40 countries.

This Guinness World Record-winning Guidance App for Parents provides ultra-personalized guidance by experts for each parent to make children future-ready. It focuses on emotional well-being, skill development, education, and career planning. Lifology brings the global intelligentsia to parents' mobile phones to support them in making children's future-ready.

Started in the UK and currently operating across the UK, Middle East, and India, Lifology is also celebrated for its boldness in creating a new category in the industry, 'Parent Guidance,' specifically targeting parents of children between 13 to 19 years. It has shown a growth of 400% in customer engagement in 2020, and the growth continues.


Recognized as the 10 Most Promising Education App- 2018 by Silicon India Magazine, the PlanetSpark platform leverages powerful technology to provide live online classes to K8 learners on English Communication, Public Speaking, Grammar, Creative Writing, Debating, Vlogging, and other 'new age' skills. The platform is enriched with live online learning content, games, experiential learning, technology-based learning materials, etc.; it is on a journey to make the traditional and unorganized tuitions obsolete through its virtual classroom and help kids excel in their careers.


Decades-old, VMock has become the global destination for students and professionals as they navigate complex job markets and prepare to put their best foot forward. This SMART Career Acceleration Platform acts as a personal coach to every job seeker along their career journey. VMock is available for the students at each & every step of their career journey and is focused on providing a seamless experience to you. Besides these, the platform gives access to personalized career advice and robust tools to better manage their career journey.

Clever Harvey

Clever Harvey, a platform committed to its students' intellectual and overall development, is fully dedicated to the bright career-making journey of its students. Clever Harvey has JuniorMBA programs designed for teenagers to explore different career options and build creativity, confidence, and business acumen. The platform also offers Clever Harvey Summer & Winter Incubation, available for free. It is the most execution-based entrepreneurship program for high school students that provides first-hand, real-world experience in entrepreneurship. Precisely, the program is aimed at helping teens build their ideas into a full-fledged business and improve their Startup’s odds of success by getting their first set of customers through relevant mentorship and support.

Through this incubation, students get 1:1 mentorship to progress: Idea to prototype, From prototype to launch, and From launch to traction with early customers. Also, gives access to their network and infrastructure. In addition, the top five teams receive a seed grant of Rs. 25,000 each at the end of the program.

Aside from their offering, student achievements are examples of how kids are prepared to enter and affect a world filled with opportunities and challenges. Several students got admission into international universities using Clever Harvey’s Junior MBA, secured scholarships worth 10,000 NZ$ to get admission to a university of their choice, and more and helped accelerate their careers.

Nova social

Nova Social is a Career Network platform designed for ambitious teenagers, where they can network with peers across the globe and discover their passion. It gives them greater access to the world and helps them make smarter, more independent, and more responsible decisions. It is an exclusive community built around the top 1% of teenagers across India to inspire others, give them better exposure, and help develop real-life skills like the current community members.

Nova is also a unique solution to finding the right internships for college students. There are exciting contests on the platform and bite-sized interactive content to develop your everyday skills. Focused on developing real-life skills, day-to-day events take place on the platform in various fields such as business, technology, astronomy, writing, design, etc. Nova lets you get in touch with industry professionals and improve your professional profile and skills in one place. This is, without a doubt, the most innovative and popular company in the world of start-ups.

Try these amazing platforms and choose the best career for yourself.

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