Must Read Leadership Books for Youngsters 

Must Read Leadership Books for Youngsters 

To become a great leader, you must acquire the essential skills, as great leaders are necessary to lead themselves, others, and organizations. 

Some may already have few potential skills naturally, but upgrading is always possible. Books are an excellent way to expand your horizons, learn new things and become a better leader. There are definitely a lot of good leadership books out there, so we shortlisted a few.

Here we have enlisted leadership books that every young person must read.

Leadership and Self-Deception, by The Arbinger Institute

One of the most recommendable books for students who embark on their leadership journey, leadership and self-deception by Arbinger Institute, is a parable about an egocentric man learning to go above and beyond. This book helps youth see leadership as an altruistic act and think about others first.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey

This classic from the late Stephen Covey covers seven key habits that people who succeed in any industry have chosen to adopt: priorities, decision-making, objectives, etc.

Drive, by Daniel Pink

For a leader, it's essential to understand their people before they lead them. This book, Drive by Daniel Pink, helps young leaders understand how human motivation has changed over time: from rewards and punishments to the desire for self-reliance, mastery, and purpose. It teaches almost every essential thing.

Managing Up, by Rosanne Badowski

Managing UP is one of the most influential books every young leader should read because most young adults will start their careers under the leadership of others. In this book, Badowski speaks of how to influence and direct when you are not the "boss." This involves healthy relationships, trust, and value.

The 360-Degree Leader, by John C. Maxwell

The 360-degree leader book explains the concept of our influence over everyone around us and how people can still become influential without a title or a senior position. Students and young professionals of the present generation need to understand that leadership must be earned through positive influence, which is what this book focuses on most.

Made to Stick, by Chip and Dan Heath

Based on establishing an effective communication process, made to stick book was written by Chip and Dan Heath. According to several researchers, most of the next generation will have to work on this skill before entering the labor market, as technology has not helped them develop this muscle. This book has plenty of research and case studies on what makes communicating memorable and life-changing to support the same youngsters.

Talent is Never Enough, by John C. Maxwell

We are often told talent is not enough, but this book proves it wrong with its amazingly written and is one of the most influential books to help young leaders build traits and habits that require no talent. After all, at the end of the day, they should be able to take advantage of their donations.

Primal Leadership, by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee

The primal leadership textbook convinces readers that emotional intelligence is the king of leadership. Leaders should cultivate their EQ (emotional quotient), not just assess their IQ.

The Go-Giver Leader, by Bob Burg and John David Mann

The Go-Giver Leader by Bob Burg is a fascinating story about a small business faced with certain difficulties and an ambitious young executive tasked with leading them to a crucial decision. The powerful message behind this book is that great leaders don't try to behave like leaders but rather be more humane. They concentrate on the concept of "give, and you shall receive."

In simple words, this book promotes a mindset of being aware of those around you and expands on the idea that your influence is determined by how effectively you place others' interests first. Those who do so will create prosperity for their communities, society, businesses, and employees.

Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius

Even though Aurelia wrote for himself, this book remains a road map to living a better life. By removing excess, Aurelius teaches us all how to rise above distractions to uphold our principles. Grounded in stoic philosophy, meditations are practical tips for controlling your thoughts, emotions, and actions to remove stress from your life.

The Truth About Leadership, by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner

Some things will always play a role in effective leadership. Trust, credibility, and ethics are among those things. Kouzes and Posner reveal 30 years of research that support these and other core principles.

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Having a great IQ may not always ensure success and happiness. This book by Daniel Goleman explores our rational and emotional minds and how they can work together to ensure success and positively impact our well-being. Too often, emotional intelligence is discarded when discussing career and progress, but Goleman argues that this is a critical aspect that should not be overlooked.

On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis

Written by Warren Bennis, this book claims that great leaders are made; they aren't born. It also explores the qualities that define leadership, stellar examples of people who exemplify great leadership, and strategies that can be used by any person who wants to become a leader.

A revised and up-to-date version is also available, made even more relevant to the ever-changing economic landscape.

Habitudes—Images That Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes by Tim Elmore

At the risk of sounding self-serving, “Habitudes®” is a great book for young leaders. Tim Elmore’s Habitudes includes images, relatable stories, and experiences in leadership development curricula and lesson plans that resonate with today’s young adults, equipping them to navigate through life’s challenges and opportunities.

Read these books if you aspire to become a Great Leader!

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