How to Make EdTech your Career Partner

How to Make EdTech your Career Partner

Is there anything in this tech world which is devoid of the blessings of technology?  In fact, technology with its rapid pace has poked its nose everywhere. In fact, education is the major sector which is undergoing through a vast transformation with 

the help of technology. 

Gone are those days when blackboards and textbooks were the major requisites for teaching students. In this technologically advanced era, teaching or learning through traditional method or through online mode always involves at least one tech element. It can be a desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile or anything.

What you need to have apart from these devices is an internet connection and eagerness for learning or teaching because it has a great ROI. The irony of life is “The More You Give, The More you Get”.

Research shows that students are more inclined towards technology as a tool for education as it relieves them from stress and boredom. To them, technology is a game which they play and learn at the same time. In fact, it has been observed that learners are more knowledgeable about their technologies than what their teachers do.

Let’s have a look at how you can get benefited from EdTech in different ways right from academy to profession.

Break the Barrier with EdTech – Now education is no more bounded in a classroom. The impact of technology on education can be felt outside the four walls - on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Teachers as well as students started utilizing blogs as a medium of conveying education globally either in the form of teaching or learning. Now, their target audience is not limited to a small number but has reached billion.

It is technology that has made it possible to help education reach every nook and corner of the globe which was impossible a few years back the line. For instance, you stay in Indonesia and want to share a research work with a person from Nigeria. With the help of a few clicks, you can execute your job with ease.

EdTech Makes Learning Flexible- Acquiring degree or higher qualification is no more restricted to brick and mortar institutions with scheduled timings. Now, anyone can acquire education at any time by enrolling for online degree courses. Online learning provides flexibility to learners so that they can study according to their own convenience and pace. It is the EdTech that helps students to access online study materials and study anytime anywhere in the world.

EdTech Takes You One Step Ahead- In this digital world, you must be tech savvy. So, to be in the competition you must have technological knowledge. EdTech gives you the edge to stay one step ahead of others who don’t have necessary knowledge on technology. As you are taking education by optimising EdTech, you’ll automatically start to explore different tech means whilst accessing your study materials.

EdTech Brings the World at Your Feet- Remember the famous lines of Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”? However, teamwork or group project in brick and mortar institution involves only people in our classrooms, schools or university whereas in case of learning online, you can connect to a wide number of people worldwide, can work together with them, share knowledge and get more ideas to work upon. In short, you can have the whole world at your reach.

EdTech - A Learning Tool for Professionals- EdTech can be a blessing for you to give a push to your career. Today, professionals keep looking for new ways through which they can keep themselves updated. In fact, employers take initiative to enhance employees’ knowledge and skills by increasing their qualification.

EdTech Saves Your Pocket- While enrollment rate is decreasing in traditional universities; online learning providers are enrolling more and more candidates, and one of the major reasons behind this is affordability. You have customized system to continue your higher education.

So far we have seen how we can utilize EdTech to enhance our career prospect. You must be thinking what could be the best ways to avail online learning.

So, what are the EdTech platforms that you could use?

Platform used in EdTech

There are various online sites that deliver classes online. Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity are few renowned providers of MOOC. Similarly there are many renowned UK online learning providers like RDI, UK Open College, Learndirect that have tie-ups with top UK universities. These online providers aim to make university courses more accessible to learners through online modality.

Therefore, if you still aren’t adaptable to EdTech, this is a high time to give a shake to your career.

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