Teacher's View: Things to Know before EdTech implementation

Teacher's View: Things to Know before EdTech implementation
We live in a world where technology plays a great role in every move of our lives.  It affects almost all the fields. When we’d compare a hospital before and after 10 years, we can see how technology has changed it. Imagine those olden days where you
 used to write a letter, drop it in the post box and wait many days to receive a reply, but nowadays’ technology has made conversations instant through social networking sites and IMs.

Look at the tremendous changes an IT industry has experienced over the few years. When it comes to education, I don’t think it is being well upgraded with technology like the remaining fields. There are many traditional classroom methods and practice that educators must update with technology because those who have already implemented educational technologies, are a way ahead. Edtech implementation not only engages students, but also helps them to be prepared for the future. Educational technologies can enhance learning outcomes by making the classroom more student centered.  Those who want to bring all these educational technologies into their classroom may find this guide helpful.

Be aware of the changes:

A classroom doesn’t appear to be traditional once you’ve implemented edtech in it. Students are exposed to numerous technological approaches and teacher-centered environment will no longer exist. List out the changes you wish for and find the respective technologies. As we know, students are aware of technological devices like mobiles, computers, laptops, etc., so, it will be easy for educators to keep them engaged.

Thomus, a higher ed teacher, suggested that educators should know the fact that educational technologies will change the entire dynamics of the classroom by making it more student centered and that doesn’t mean an educator is not necessary for a class. Through his statement, he clearly explained the importance of educator.

Professional development for educators:

Technological approaches alone can’t enhance learning unless they’re implemented by an efficient teacher. Most of the educators might not be exposed to technology in their schooling, so, they must get trained to implement these approaches in their classroom. Administrators should provide educators with sufficient time as well as resources for professional development, make hesitant teachers use technology and involve educators mostly in professional development programs rather than managerial activities.

Know the vision behind edtech:

“We no longer are in business of just getting the facts. It’s about creating innovation and the application of getting information: how to learn, what to do with it and how to deal with those resources. That is where our focus will move in our coursework, and we have to prepare our students and teachers for that world.”- Gardner-Webb’s Taylor, an educator.

In the above mentioned statement, Taylor clearly mentioned the vision behind edtech implementation. The introduction of educational technologies into the classroom is not meant for bringing a wide range of information, it is about making students independent learners. 

Effective use of Technology:

Enhancement of learning doesn’t depend on how many technological approaches you’ve used or how much you’ve invested in edtech, budgetary factors are one of the constrains but they’re not the main. Effective use of technology involves  the concept technology integration which resembles the usage of existing technology in an efficient way to get maximum benefits. It is about how effectively we can implement a technological approach to improve the learning outcomes as well as student involvement.

For example, the following article lets you know how effectively educators are using an interactive whiteboard:

How do teachers best use the Interactive White Board?

Factors to be considered before implementing new edtech:

Rob Sabo mentioned in his guest post on edcetera about a few factors (by Pat Schoknecht, an educator ) to be considered before implementing new edtech. Pat Schoknecht is the Chief Information Officer at Rollins College. According to her, the new technology should be having the following qualities:

It has to be used on a daily basis but shouldn’t be bought according to an individual’s interest.

It should be scalable.

It should fit well into the institution’s culture.

We hope this information is helpful for you to know about the things you must know to implement educational technologies in your classroom. We’d like to have your views as well. Please feel free to share your personal views and your suggestions to implement educational technologies. 


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