Top Tech Tips for Parents to Keep Them in the Digital loop

Top Tech Tips for Parents to Keep Them in the Digital loopChildren have become so adept and advanced with using technology that their parents have started feeling two steps behind them.

Parents often feel the need to be at par with their children in using technology since schools have shifted towards online platforms and e-learning devices, which make tech-challenged parents feel intimidated. Parents now need to help their children build wikis and solve Math problems on iPad apps, complete and submit their homework and assignments online. Keeping up with the digital pace is quite simple and you can never lag behind in technology if you’re always involved with it.

It is necessary for parents to stay in the digital loop to be a part of their child’s learning and provide him the support he requires to make progress. Not only for their children, but staying up to date with technology helps parents further their own learning too. Since learning is a life-long process and the ways of learning are becoming advanced, parents need to cope up and adopt the modern ways of learning with technology. Technology can assist parents will a lot of everyday tasks as well. Sticking to the conventional ways will not allow them to make any progress and they need to keep themselves digitally aware to be up to date with the modern world.

There are various ways in which parents can keep up with technology to help themselves and their children make progress in learning and other aspects of life. Here are some top tech tips for parents to keep them in the digital loop:

Learn with your child’s help: Every child today is digitally savvy and is capable enough to learn most of the ins and outs of technology on his own. The younger you are the more naturally it comes since a young mind is most open and excited to learn new things. If your child is using a device, program or website that you are unfamiliar with and would like to learn about, then ask him to give you a hands-on of it. Children always like to teach their parents and they do so very effectively as well. Your goal should not be to master using the digital device, but just to get the essential knowledge to utilize its basic features and the rest you can always explore on your own.

Explore the Web: The Web is abode to so many resources and tools that can help you learn almost anything you want. Set out to explore the Web on your own and discover significant learning tools and resources. By doing this, you will get a knowledge of what’s new in technology and how it can be harnessed for maximum benefits. There are various interactive and engaging ways to learn on the Web such as, videos, presentations, audios, images, etc. You can try your hands on the applications that interest you and use them for various purposes. You can find many apps for your child as well. Free exploration always leads to maximum learning and also keeps you current on what’s up in the digital world.

Use Google: Simply go online and Google anything that interests you or you would like to know about. Google has an answer to everything and can assist you in whatever you want. It is very simple to use and provides you with the best of the resources, information and practices. Using Google ascertains that you will not require any further assistance or additional support. It has solutions to any problem you name. Here you can also find a variety of tutorial videos to learn about anything that you want. Google presents information in various formats like text, images or audio to help you explore and learn by your own learning style. It is one of the best ways to find information and raise awareness.

Have ready access to technology in your house: Don’t make desktops, laptops or tablets restricted to your child’s use, make them readily available around your house. Until and unless you don’t try your hands on these devices you cannot use them to fulfill your purposes. Try exploring them whenever you find time and slowly you’ll become adept with their use and functionality. Using the same devices as your children will also allow you to keep a check how they are using them or if they’re over or misusing them. This will also cut on their time of using the devices so they can make use of that time in some other productive way. You can never lag behind in technology if you keep yourself involved in using it.

Interact with other parents and teachers: Digital insecurities can be overcome if parents interact with other parents who also want to stay digitally adept. Together, they can think of ways to enhance the use of technology in their lives and make the most of it to support their children’s learning and other needs. Parents can also interact with the teachers of their children to understand what their children need when it comes to technology and how they can cope up with it. Parents can also access the class websites and blogs that are run by the teachers to know about their child’s learning progress in real-time.

Be part of social networks: Connect socially with people who can make you aware and help you with technology by sharing their ideas and practices of using technology. Be a part of online groups, like Facebook groups where you can participate in group discussions about the recent trends and topics in technology. Share your purpose and ways of using technology in your lives and how you can further leverage it to benefit other members of your family as well. You can have ready spontaneous help of other group members whenever you want and also offer your own guidance to help them cope with technology.

Hence, there is an utmost need for parents to always stay in the loop of technology. They should explore and learn in the digital world as much as they can and apply their learning to make progress and also support their children’s needs in this modern day world. Did you find the listed tips useful? Do you have other tech tips to share for the parents? Share through the Comment box.

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