10 Great Tips for Education Entrepreneurs

10 Tips for Indian EdupreneursEducational entrepreneurs (Edupreneurs) take responsibility of creating and developing a program, product, service or technology for the enhancement of education to lead a revolution

in the education sector. As a country that is rich in human resources, India should unleash ample number of edupreneurs to achieve social goals at a fast pace. Edupreneurs could be the foundation stone for the country’s solid growth in the coming days. By encouraging edupreneurs to take off, the government can work on issues of unemployment and illiteracy simultaneously. People are finding government schools inefficient and are preferring private schools run by young edupreneurs who charge a nominal fee. Edupreneurs have attempted to fill the void in areas where government schools are either missing or ineffective. They have successfully convinced local parents that their children will receive personalized attention and a competitive education.

Today, fresh first generation entrepreneurs have the opportunity to enter the education sector. They can use technology and latest trends to create multitude of education places.

A lot of exciting things are happening in the education sector in mobility, technology, social networking and personalization that will make it more democratized, personalized, affordable and effective. To be successful edupreneurs a lot of things need to be kept in mind. Here are 10 tips for education entrepreneurs:

Start small: Instead of overloading yourself, build out a scalable model to guarantee success in the long-run. You may want to get a large number of people signed up as possible, but it is better to start smaller and get proof points to show to investors and future schools that it works.

Adopt technology: Education in the 21st century is never complete without technology. You need to understand how technology can be leveraged for educational purposes. Try developing a modern technological product that can aid and supplement your educational practices to make them more effective.

Be innovative and adopt effective marketing and positioning strategies: You can discover a lot of innovative ideas and leverage them to develop effective educational strategies. But, innovation alone will not make you successful, you will also need to form the right marketing and positioning strategies. Together with being product-centric it is equally as important to focus on your position in the market. To make your business successful, you need to spend time thinking about how you will effectively spread the word about it.

Seek the support of advisors: Edupreneurs often make a common mistake of sticking to the board of advisors who are all from the academia. You need to reach out beyond education and build up a network of advisors from the business and technology fields as well. Being an edupreneur, you will need to fulfill multiple purposes. You will not only have to have the passion from the educator perspective but you must also have it from the business and technology perspectives as well.

Try to address a large market: Try targeting a large market by looking at it from students’ point of view. Don’t just go for a niche space if you successfully want to pull off. Look at bigger problems and try to solve them. You don’t need to go to colleges and tell them that you’re going to develop and deliver something that will help them in limited subject areas, because not many people will care for it and hence you will need to look at the broader picture with more perspectives to serve a vast market that can benefit from your services in a variety of aspects and also in the long run of time.

Look for native advertisers: Native advertising requires a loyal community of users who will continue to spearhead your service if they find it worthy. It's a long-term type of marketing and not just cost-per-click. It's all about how they feel about the brands, connected to actual utility and the things that you're building. While building products try to keep them as simple as possible and easy to understand.

Learn from other edupreneurs: This will not just help you develop your work but also your work style. Actually surrounding yourself with an environment of entrepreneurship and with high-intensity people will benefit you a lot. You can learn from their stories, practices and ideas and witness a new set of possibilities to expand your business. With educational practices constantly evolving, even seasoned, serial entrepreneurs can benefit from other experts' perspectives.

Be adaptive: As entrepreneurs you must learn to correct your mistakes quickly. Nobody in the world can run, plan or predict everything perfectly, they’re bound to make mistakes. Making mistakes is inevitable and necessary but learning from them and moving on is crucial. Being adaptive today is more important than being intuitive because your intuition may go wrong, but if you’re adaptive you can change yourself according to the situation.

Have a good team: People whom you choose to work for your business have a very significant role to play in its success, so make sure that you have a very good team consistently. A good team is required not only to progress from one particular stage to another but different teams are required for different stages. You should have the ability to recognize the capabilities in the team and use those capabilities to the advantage of your business.

Stay true to your mission: Always keep your original inspiration in mind and make it a basis for your business to progress. Situations may arise when all the signs point to a major pivot, then do so, but stay true to yourself. You'll get a lot of advice from a lot of people, but try to look at the underlying reasons behind their advice, process it and then decide if you want to adopt it or not.

I hope you find these tips beneficial and if you have other great tips for edupreneurs then please share with us. The Comment Box awaits you.

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Author: Saomya Saxena
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