5 New Tech Tools That Teachers Must Explore

5 New Tech Tools That Teachers Must Explore

Technology in education is inevitable nowadays. Every teacher has their own favorite tool that makes their jobs much easier.  Technology is evolving these days and so the new tools have been hitting the market every day.

Meanwhile the older ones are modifying and enhancing their features. Here’s is the list of five new tech tools that teachers must explore to help them in their teaching processes and delivering education effectively.


Gradeable is a formative assessment tool that works with gradebook. It helps teachers to grade paper assessments digitally and help them to get instant analysis and feedback. Teachers just require already have assessments notes and a scanner or printer. The website offers user-friendly navigation, so it’s easy to get started.

Make an Assessment

Teachers can build or make assessment from scratch or even can paste assessments already present in the website. Gradeable is the best way to get creative assessments. The system of Gradeable support various sort of questions such as graphs, images, charts, etc.

Hand it out

Teachers can easily print out tests, exit tickets, quizzes, etc. from Gradeable and give them to their students. Just like they give test to their students on paper. The website is best for every day assessments. Hence, it is easy for teachers to get data on how students are progressing.


Teachers can use scanner to scan the file into PDF format. They can then upload the PDF file on their gradeable.com account. Teachers can get all the information about the assessment through the QR code present at the bottom of the page. Teachers can even go for multiple choice questions, such questions can be easily graded when they scan in.


With the help of this website, teachers can grade online. Gradeable system systematizes all the work that enables grading from anywhere.


Chalkup is an online learning platform for students. The core objective of Chalkup is to transform the learning experience. So that student can learn with fun; the website doesn’t focus much on learning management.

Student Engagement Platform (SEP)

A Student Engagement Platform is a wonderful and engaging learning platform for pupils. Our SEP offers best learning environment that raises actual school-work teamwork, studying and learning.

Simple Solution

Chalkup offers a platform that give opportunity to teachers and students to stay connected collaborate and share ideas. We take a good care of student learning experience and that is what they are focused on. 


Dashboard enables teachers to see what is happening in their classroom. Teachers and students can:

  •    Save time and enhance reach
  •    Always stay connected with the class
  •    See real-time feed and can participate in discussing with their students
  •    Submit assignments and can view files

Other Features

Using Chalkup teachers and students can share contents in any form. Such as video, links, conversation, questions and file collaboration. 

Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow is an Ed-Tech start-up pioneer in personalized and adaptive learning. With Smart Sparrow develop interactive and adaptive courseware as part in Science, Medicine, and Engineering of a blended learning approach. Smart Sparrow also empowers educators. With the assistance of Smart Sparrow, they:

  •    Will be able to deliver and develop content to students
  •    Will be able to reveal the effectiveness of the content
  •    Will be able to adapt content on the specific requirement of the students

Smart Sparrow provides real-time analytics and powerful tool for the teachers to recognize student learning behavior. Hence, they would be able to clarify their student’s misconceptions.

ED Vantage

EDvantage is the curriculum for pioneering teachers. Here, one can share articles, videos, and many other things that can give a wonderful classroom experience. Ed Vantage search many educational resources that are of high-value, innovative supplements, and perfectly organize them on the website. So that educators can find good resources; hence, saving their time on researching resources. 


UClass.io is your one-stop destination for getting curriculum solutions. The websites offer huge resources for teachers. Using the website, they can easily find share, and organize wide resources, that ultimately leads to better student outcomes in less time.

Uclass.io offers educators:

  •    Place to manage and organize lessons
  •    Space to share great contents
  •    Huge resources to help them in teaching
  •    Unlimited storage to keep resources or content

Teachers just need to type the particular keyword to get the resources. They have three categories to look the resources: Sources, Subject, and Grade.


About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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