Using Augmented Reality for Learning and Teaching

Using Augmented Reality for Learning and Teaching

Augmented Reality is a technology that enables users to gather information from a computer-generated virtual world. It is the ability to insert and overlay the digital information in the real world in real time. 

Hence, it bridges the gap between the real and reel world for the users. The term "Augmented Reality" was coined by Tom Caudell- former Boeing researcher.

Augmented reality is been adopted by a large number of companies for training and visualization purpose today.

Augmented Reality in Education and Training

Few of the researchers of AR Johnson et al. said (2010), "AR has strong potential to provide both powerful contextual, on-site learning experiences and serendipitous exploration and discovery of the connected nature of information in the real world."

Augmented Reality can be used in both education as well as in business environment for training and other purpose. Nowadays, the AR technology has become so powerful that it can play a significant role in the academic settings through mobile devices, tablets or any other wireless devices.

Augmented Reality in School

Today, a number of professors and educators are applying augmented reality in different subjects like astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, etc. They are also using this technology in higher and K-12 education. No doubt, AR technology is very much helpful in learning but this technology has been adopted by a very less number of schools.  In one of the research, it was estimated that AR has not been approved in many educational establishments because the lack awareness as well as the financial support from the government.

Contemporary Situation of Augmented Reality in Education Sector

Since last decades, a number of researchers have been developing application and theories about use of augmented reality in education. Using those theories some inventions has been developed and is being utilized to empower education and training to enhance the efficiency level of learners.

Use of Augmented Reality in Higher Education

Augmented Reality is a very effective technique that can be used for university students. Using augmented reality students can actually enhance their skills and knowledge in the complex theories.

Various Application of Augmented Reality in Learning Different Subjects

Astronomy: AR can be used to make student understand about the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. Here AR technology can be used with 3D rendered sun and earth shapes.

Chemistry: Teachers can demonstrate what a molecule and atoms consist of using AR technology.

Biology: Teachers can use Augmented Reality to showcase their student’s body structure or anatomy. Teachers can show their students different types of organ and how they look in a 3D atmosphere. Students can even study human body structure on their own by using devices with AR embedded technology in it.

Physics: Physics is one of the subjects where AR technology can be used perfectly. Various kinematics properties can be easily understood by using AR technology.

Augmented Reality in Games

AR can be best used in the game-based learning systems. The Horizon Report (2010) said, "AR games that are based in the real world and augmented with networked data can give educators powerful new ways to show relationships and connections between the real life and the augmented reality."

Augmented Reality Games helps users to make their own virtual world with people and objects. They can locate them in specific place in the actual world and can interact in real time to solve actual problems.


Augmented Reality in Education and Training By Kangdon Lee, University of Northern Colorado

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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