EdTech Trends and Predictions 2013

EdTech Trends and Predictions 2013

The edtech bubble is growing and is expected to grow even more in the year 2013.

The following predictions have been made by the specialists in the edtech space:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Media
  • MOOCs
  • EdTech Events

Predictions on the increase of SMS marketing

 to connect with students, as more than half of the number of students own a smartphone. The power of SMS is that over 90% of students use text messages in their phones and this can be utilized to remind them about various tasks and events important for them.

Social Media can be used for online presence of any educational institution and also to let them connect with their alumni and build relations. They are also using it to address different issues. For example: One class set up a Facebook page to raise awareness on an environmental problem in their community.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are likely to grow even more. With millions of participants opting for various online courses due to ease of access to knowledge, the growth is unpredictable to be shown in numbers and figures. For example: universities globally start to introduce non credit online courses to expand the knowledge domain not only of their students but for students all over the world.

Edtech Events and Conferences are seen to grow virally in different parts of the world. Though the online space (webinars and online courses) have expanded really fast, the personal touch is much better in case of attending conferences and events in person. People are social by nature and love to meet and learn from people within the same domain.

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