Flip Your Classroom with These Great Online Tools

Flip Your Classroom with These Great Online Tools

Flipping the classroom is a great strategy for utilizing the Web 2.0 tools and technologies to support effective teaching in the 21st century. In a flipped classroom, educators can drastically increase collaboration time with their pupils.

It also opens several opportunities for the students to interact, ask questions, solve problems and integrate technology in a purposeful way. Some of the web based tools that make it possible and turn your flipped classroom into wonderful experience are:


EdPuzzle is an online tool that enables users to crop video, add voice, embed quizzes as well as upload and find videos. Users can search educational video from Learn Zillion and Khan Academy from this platform. Educators can easily check their students understanding while taking class as well as points where students are struggling. Teachers can also create a series of questions and can insert it within the timeline of video.


eduCanon is wonderful platform to track your student’s progress in a flipped classroom.  Educators can create flipped lesson using Vimeo and YouTube video on this platform. To create lesson, educators have to identify the objective and topics and then look out at YouTube and Vimeo from the website, when an appropriate video appeared, start building MCQ through the timeline of the video.

This video will give preview of eduCanon


VideoNotes is the easiest way to take notes while watching video. When you load any You Tube video on right side of the screen VidoeNotes will give you notepad to take note from the video. You can then integrate your notes using Google Drive. VideoNotes can be used to submit questions while watching video.


Teachem is a platform that utilises TEDEd model of building lessons based videos. Educators can create courses that are made of series of You Tube videos. They can also add comments and questions in the flashcard. Learners can also take note while viewing video using Teachem SmartNote. Teachers can also create courses on Teachem simply by selecting the video URL and then writing corresponding questions. Courses created on Teachem can be publically and private shared.


Blubbr is helpful in creating interactive quizzes based on YouTube clips. Quizzes can be about anything and on any subject. The pattern of the quizzes has viewer watch; a short clip followed with multiple choice questions. On Blubbr, you can choose content under categories.


Zaption offers awesome way to teacher students. In order to create quiz in Zaption, you need to create tour. Tour is a blend of videos, text and images in an arranged way. You can pull videos from National Geographic, YouTube, PBS, and Vimeo. Watch video and add question in the form of MCQ, check box and open response questions. Students watch the video as well as see the questions appear in the context.


Blendspace allow teachers to arrange and share learning material with their students in a visually pleasing layout. Using blendspace, educators can arrange files, links and images related to any topic. Its built-in search tool enables users to locate resources within the platform. Students can also give their teachers feedback about the learning material they have shared with them. 

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