Indian HRD Ministry Launches a MOOC Platform - SWAYAM

India Announces Official MOOC Platform 'Swayam'

The human resource development ministry launches the Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM), a Web portal where Massive Open On-line Courses (MOOCs) will be available on all kinds of subjects.

MOOCS or massive open online courses have made access to top university-level content for every learner possible. By providing free online courses on demand, MOOCS enable learners to learn from anywhere irrespective of their situation as long as they have internet access.

Statistics from major MOOC providers show that India is a home of second largest audience for MOOCS after US, which brings great challenges and opportunities for the use of such courses in India.

MOOC in India

Students from India being the second largest in terms of enrolment in MOOCS shows that their hunger for affordable and quality education and MOOCS are the best way to provide this to them.

As a part of providing quality and affordable education to its students, Indian government has recently launched an Indian focused MOOC platform for all. This MOOC platform is termed as Swayam’- Study Webs of Active-learning for Young Aspiring Minds.

Courses under ‘SWAYAM’

Currently, SWAYAM is expected to offer three different courses - one from UC Berkeley’s Umesh Vazarani’s and two from IIT Bombay. And SWAYAM is going to use openEdx as its MOOC platform. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore has also joined edX and will host online course soon.

The following are three courses at SWAYAM.

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation

By via UC Berkeley

The course will offer basic theoretical overview to quantum mechanics and quantum computation.

Introduction to Computer Programming

By IIT Bombay

The course is divided into two parts and offers learners with a basis in Computer Programming.


By IIT Bombay

This basic course in thermodynamics has been designed for the students of mechanical engineering. Students will learn the concept and terms used in thermodynamics with exact definitions.

Along with SWAYAM, the Government of India has announced another project is to create online digital library that will have resources from nation’s top universities and institutes; it is termed as ‘National E-Library’. The library can be accessible to every leaner with Internet access.  The National E -Library will start from the academic year 2015.

The SWAYAM platform is specifically designed benefit students from remote area, working professionals as well as college dropouts. Students will get ‘Verified Certificate’ after successfully completion of courses. However, it is not clear if these certificates will be accepted for employment purposes.

SWAYAM is a platform for new India where quality education is affordable and self-learning is fruitful not only for enrolled but also for professionals and dropouts. With quality content, best online lectures, great discussions, knowledgeable assessment quizzes, SWAYAM will provide great opportunity to Indian students to learn without fearing from failure.

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