List of Great Assistive Technologies and Tips for Using them in the Classroom

List of Great Assistive Technologies and Tips for using them in the Classroom

Assistive technology assists children having learning disabilities to pull their strengths. Such support is crucial in helping learners in becoming more independent in their studies as well as entire life.

Check out some of the amazing tools and technologies that special learners can use to make their learning process easy.

Screen Reader

Screen Reader is a software programs that enable visually impaired people to read the text that is displayed in the computer screen. It is a very productive tool for those with low vision.

Talking Calculators

Talking calculator is a simple device but very beneficial for learning disabled and visually impaired individual.  Those individuals with dyscalculia can be very much benefited from the talking calculators.

World Talk

World talk is an add-on in Microsoft Word. This program can read the written text on the doc and is very much useful disabled learners. Just select the text written and the program will read it for you.

Word Prediction Software

Word predication software is very much helpful for those who are finds difficulties in reading, spelling, writing as well as typing. Such technologies will provide assistance in complete assignments to these learners.


FaceMouse is a standard webcam that helps learners with limited mobility.  It enables learners to use their facial expression and head to perform a lot of task.

Speech Recognition

Technology in speech recognition converts talking into typing. It is the ideal for those learners having problems in movements or for those who cannot click or type using keyboard.          

Sip-and-Puff Systems

Sip-and-Puff-Systems is an innovative tool for leaners with mobility problem including paralysis. It enables users to control mouthstick with their breath. Learners can use mouthstick to direct webpage, type and perform any other function.

Videotaped social skills

Videotape is another technology used by the individuals for autistic students. This prerecorded social interaction is meant to help these children to learn necessary social skills. It addresses emotional, linguistic as well as self-help issues.  

Video Magnifiers

Video magnifier is a form of closed-circuit television that uses a video camera to show magnificent image over the screen. Learners with low vision can be benefited from this tool.

Electronic worksheets

Electronic worksheet is useful for those students who cannot properly line equations and words using paper and pencil. Some electronic worksheets are available with text-to-speech or other assistance.

Digital Pens

Digital pens are available with different features, some have audio and some have ability to convert handwriting.

Supernova Access Suite

Supernova Access Suite has a screen reader with natural sounding speech as well as combined screen magnifier with Braille display support.

Nowadays, assistive technology or AT can turn out to be very useful for students with various types of learning disability.  It can assist learners with sensory and physical damages and all kinds of learning disabilities and help them to become self-dependent.

Here are some tips for the effective use of assistive technology in the classroom.

Choose the Right Technology for Right Need:  In order to use assistive technology effectively we need to pick the right technology for right need. If the right tool or device is not implementing to address the right need then there is no use of technology.

Determine the Simplest Means to Address the Challenge: It is always good to pick the least complex technology to address the learner’s need. The more time-consuming and complex assistive technology, the more it is difficult for the learners, the more they hesitate to adopt.

Consult an Assistive Technology Specialist before Implementation: Consulting specialist would be very much helpful. They are professionals and can assist students with suitable technology.

Try Before Buy: Many AT professionals have devices that they can rent you for long-term and short-term. If possible get the device and use it before you buy. You can also ask feedback from them related to device. 

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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