LISTedTECH: Listing of Who uses What Products in HigherEd

LISTedTECH is the largest Listing of Who uses What Products in HigherEd

LISTedTECH is a newly revamped portal of educational technology used in higher education. In essence, it is a wiki of educational companies, products, and institutions that anyone can edit.

Its main goal is to assist HigherEd stakeholders in getting the hard data on products used by each HigherEd institution. See our site at

This new wiki, which was launched in October, lists technologies used by HigherEd institutions across the globe as a way to better understand the products used, their selection process and the evolution of market shares for specific product categories (such as LMS or SIS for example). This also provides the information to compare similar institutions and the products they use. In order to do this, all complimentary information about the institution is entered (such as institution type, enrollment, endowment, world rankings etc.). You get pages of statistics about institutions (universities and colleges mainly) as well as lists of technological products used by these institutions; all of which you may compare by institutional properties (such as world rankings) provided as a way to enhance correlation and understanding of the decision making process. Semantic MediaWiki is used extensively across the site (semantic forms are used in the creation of every page) to quantify product usage and describe the institutions that use them.

With its current 255 registered users, the community is an amalgamation of HigherEd tech employees, software providers and consultants. The site, which now boasts 29,766 pages, was created effectively through the use of Mediawiki forms which gave us the ability to ask contributors specific questions while keeping the model simple. This also meant that we could easily compile that data into meaningful information and insights.

Some Statistics:

  • 765,938 pieces of information
  • 27,600 institutions
  • 1,343 products
  • 519 companies
  • 37 product categories

LISTedTECH is what we, ourselves employees of a HigherEd institution, have been searching for throughout our careers. It is data that offer you a better understanding of which technological products are being used by HigherEd institutions and why, its trends, its orientations. Most importantly, it is pulling together this data into one comprehensive, visually stimulating, and interactive site.

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