India's EdTech Future

India's EdTech Future

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam envisaged that “ A developed India by 2020, or even earlier, is not a dream. It need not be a mere vision in the minds of many Indians. It is a mission we can all take up & succeed.” In the present scenario where education has become

 the biggest growth business, this vision seems to be promising. Learning is a never ending process & technology is an indispensable part of our existence today, so Education Technology or EdTech has a vast scope of development & research.

 Software & Hardware giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Pearson etc. have a large presence in India, though based in U.S. So, the need of the hour is to clearly articulate related issues such as curricular integration, assessment reform & pedagogy. This article outlines some of the broad strokes that can enhance India’s prospects as a leading nation in EdTech.

Cultural Outlook: Education is a progressive realization of our ignorance.Indian families are relinquishing the stone-age traditions, today & are inclining towards saving & spending to educate their children.From a kid to an adult , everyone has understood that only way to economic improvement is individual learning. With latest trends of game based learning, social based mobile learning & cloud computing etc. doing rounds, the greater landscape of EdTech is visible to all.

In India, most impediments to education seem to be cultural & social but sheer demand for new-models of post- secondary education will hopefully swamp any limitation. Further, the global diaspora of Indian tech entrepreneurs can prove a magnificent resource in the creation of 21st century educational technology companies.

Educational Institutions: India greatly needs to improve its productivity which is possible only through education. Youth, the driving force of India will gradually demand for more post-secondary education opportunities. To meet these demands, a paradigm shift towards online, blended & distant learning shall result in profitable opportunities for education providers. Though there is an increase in aspirations for employable education from all sections of the society, we need a modular shift in the Indian Education system which can impart skills & functional competencies rather than delivering a “piece of paper”. What sounds as a knell is that due to lackluster recognition & remuneration of the teaching profession, we lack quality teaching without which any efforts to improve the system can go for a toss.

Mobile Learning: From smart phones & laptops to social networking & alternative worlds, individual choices & activities are transforming the society irresistibly. Mobile learning is the new trend as a result of which the country is set to leapfrog campus-based higher education to online learning. Both Mobile adoption & online learning together make up a symbiotic process. With increasing number of mobile subscribers in India, the technology has a vast potential which if embraced & understood shall deliver great results.

People reflexively resist change & while debate rages, initiatives get bogged in controversy. But, any growth requires a temporary loss of security. So, educators must welcome the change & help facilitate goals & cast a vision for students that will, not only, stretch their imaginations, but also their beliefs regarding what is possible. According to speakers around the world, the new 3 E’S of education are: Enabled, Engaged & Empowered. We need India to be all the three, to cherish this mission of EdTech Giant.

So, Go India Go & be the change you want to see in the world!!

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