Meet Celly: Platform of Tools for Effective School Communication

Meet Celly: Platform of Tools for Effective School Communication

Having clear and effective communication between student, parents and school is vital in the present scenario. Good and positive communication enhances student performance and inspires school to offer better service to students.

The best way to chase this is to use technology, especially web technology. The practice of using technology for effective communication is the need for 21st century and many educators are using digital facilities as the means to collaborate and communicate effective.

If you are looking out new ways to reach out to parents and students, try this platform of tools for effective school communication.

Celly: Platform of Tools for Effective School Communication

Celly is a platform created for effective school communication, available on SMS text, Android, Web and on email. The developing networks of Celly connect folks and groups for easy and instant communication. Using this platform, With Celly, educators can create school wide alerts, share group messages and send quizzes.

Why Celly is Popular Among Schools and Educators?

Celly turns school, team and classrooms into safe and private communication network. Schools across the globe are using Celly for a number of works such as homework help, parent-teacher collaboration, classroom mentoring, etc.

Accessibility: Celly is a platform which is free for school and required no software download or hardware. It is easily available on web browser, phone, texting, tablets, ipad and smart phones. It makes it accessible in low cost. Students can use school device or their own device or phone.

Privacy: With Celly, privacy can be maintained. Parents, teachers and students do not need to exchange their contact details or any other personal information to communicate. Users can invite other using email and phone number, but phone number and emails never revealed. Users can also set privacy limitations on who can send message and join groups.

Extra Tools: Users can have extra tools for group communication. They can send polls, filter messages from RSS or web, schedule message, store notes, connect to the multi-cell group or create multi-cell networks. Celly also offers premium pack that offers extra features.

Some of the other beneficial features include:

  • Note Taking: Students can take and store note on Celly through Celly website and SMS text. They can also schedule their personal reminders. Every Celly account has its own personal notes section. Users can archive and recovered it at any point of time.
  • Polling: Users can conduct instant polls in classroom. Educators can also go for classroom assessment, pop quizzes, trivia, as well as collecting feedback from staff students and parents.
  • Field Trips: Using group messaging, educators can keep everyone connected on a field trip. Parents can also join field trip network and can stay connected.
  • Moderated Group Messaging: Moderation tools enable users to facilitate in or out in any class group conversation. Educators can select which messaging needs to send to the entire group or individually.

Celly is an amazing platform that believes “small messages change the world”. You can join it instantly and can avail its wonderful and useful feature right now. 

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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