3 Institutions Which Have Flipped Their Classrooms

3 Institutions Which Have Flipped Their Classrooms

Latest technologies have prompted new trends in the education industry and flipped classrooms is among the the common trend.  So, what’s a flipped classroom?

In a flipped classroom, learners see lectures and additional resources for their classroom at home, typically taped by their teachers and uploaded over the Internet. And classroom timing is used to answer the student queries, assisting them in their homework, as well as doing other activities.

Today, many educators are trying this in their classrooms and helping their students. Many educators have found flipped classroom very interesting and successful. It enhances student learning, their grades, and increases engagement in every classroom. Whether you like this technique or not, it’s worth learning about.

Check out these stories of three institutions which have given flipped classrooms a try and succeeded.

Woodland Park High School

Woodland Park High School is an example of high school that has gone for flipped classroom. Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann - the two science teachers, have given the idea to record lessons online for learners.

Initially, the lessons were for those who were unable to make it to class. Soon, educators realized that approximately every student was taking benefit of the recorded lessons to analysis and strengthen their classroom lessons.

Aaron and Jonathan understood that possibly they had fallen for something very beneficial, and made the format that we termed as flipped learning today. Both science educators consider that it is not the recorded lesson only that makes the technique operative, but the complete tactic of flipped classrooms.

Bullis School

In Potomac, Maryland, pupils in AP calculus classroom are going for diverse method in their lessons. Their educator, Stacey Roshan, utilises the flipped classroom technique to aid their high school student hold the often hard ideas vital to calculus. She utilises a tablet to record teachings or lessons, uploaded it iTunes, as well as allows her students as home assignment.

Pupils came to the classroom another day prepared to work on home assignment in class as well as get replies to their queries.

Roshan started flipping classroom in assisting her to cover more lessons in one semester, as she noticed that conventional methods of teaching just didn’t give sufficient time to deliver all the material learners would require learning for an AP Test. Resulting, the number of her pupils scoring in their exams has increased.

East Grand Rapids High School

Flipped classrooms are rising in attractiveness at East Grand Rapids High School in Michigan. The first educator to go for this method is a science educator named Janyce Huff. Huff has established a fact that it has given her more time to devote on laboratory trials and collaboration with pupils.

Like Roshan at Bullis, Huff understood that when trying to teach everything in the given time in a class period, there were just enough time for each and everything.

She realised that things that take 40 minutes to describe in the class can be enclosed just in a 10-15 minute. Consequently, flipped classroom saved both her as well as her students’ time, although she along with other educators confess that generally the flipped method does need more asset or investment.

A challenge in flipped classroom is keeping learners answerable, those students who do not like to view the video before the class will probably be lost while classroom session, but peer learning and group activities may get help such students too. Overall, the educators and the learners appear to embrace the technique happily. 

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