9 Amazing Videos For you To Learn About Gamification in Education

Amazing Videos For you To Learn About Gamification in Education

Gamification in education is a fun way to involve and engage students in their studies. Not just students, gamification is education offers many good things to everyone:

  • Best means for educators to get their students' attention
  • Cheap source of study material for school administrators
  • Profits for learning software ventures
  • Best way to engage, test and teach for everyone

Although, successful implementation of games in education depends on mainly three main factors:

  • Quality content
  • A game linked impeccably with content
  • A good game in itself

Gamification means combining game design with study to engage students, and it has become popular amongst a lot of educators. As said by many educational experts, it is one of the vital trends of technology in education. Gamification exploits on student’s tendency to have fun and play games at the same time they learn. Using games to teach various subjects encourage student’s engagement as well as develops their interest. Students accomplish many chores easily that considered as boring stuff. Therefore, gamification in education is a boon.

Check out the list of amazing videos about gamification and use of games in education.

Classroom Game Design: Paul Andersen at TEDxBozeman

Learn how Paul Andersen puts video games to work in AP biology with this amazing video. 

Gamification in Education

The Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia gamified one of its online courses on adult education. Elements of the game included role-playing, giving the "gamer" the ability to choose which tasks to complete, public acknowledgement of achievements, as well as a peer-voting system.

Game Based Learning in Special Education

Andre Chercka talks about his experience on how it applied to special education.

Dr. Paul Howard-Jones – Neuroscience, Games & Learning

Dr. Paul Howard-Jones talks about science of GBL as well as explains how gaming involves student’s brain in education.

Welcome to the Digital Generation

This sequence of videos by Edutopia illuminates amazing ideas on educating today’s digital generation.

Game for Good Design Camp

Gaming in studies comes in full circle. Watch this amazing video by Generation Cures Game for Good Design Camp. 


Digital Game to Improve Learning

This video provides an outstanding overview into the idea of GBL, discovering how digital games can improve learning.


Katie Salen on Game Design and Learning

Quest2Learn’s Katie Salen describes the viewpoint of utilising game design for learning in the classroom.

The Gamification of Education: Gavin Pouliot at TEDxYouth@IFTA

Achievement badges, scaffolded leveling, and mastery models are all concepts that have worked their way into education from the gaming community. There is still more work to be done and teachers should be cautious andjudicious in evaluating new educational games. In this TEDxYouth talk, both good examples of gamified education in practice and how it has changed today's classrooms will be explored. 

Which one did you like the most? Did we miss out your favorite video? Do let us know.

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