Makers, Hackers & Educators: from them and for them!

Makers, Hackers & Educators: from them and for them!

Now building robot doesn’t require a degree. Everything you require is now available in a kit called Multiplo Robot Kit, in the box. Each part match together and connectors are easy to plug in.

The box contains all mechanical parts, software and electronic components. These components are of various shapes and sizes, and users can build complex things quickly. They just need to put components together.

Robot brain is pre-programmed and you just require remote control to start it or to execute the order. Individuals can also try out their DVD and TV remote and see if it works. Every button has a pre-programmed task. See here in the Doc Center.

Multiplo - Robot Building Kit

The Multiplo - Robot Building Kit includes everything to make your own robotic creatures. You will have:

  • A DuinoBot controller
  • Battery holder
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • 2 IR sensors
  • 2 gearmotors
  • 2 R/C servos
  • IR remote control (plus sensor),
  • 2 light sensors
  • 2 LED beacons
  • Mechanical parts like USB cable and gripper with a touch sensor


Here are some useful documents to start your work.

According to the website of Multiplo, “We develop this system in order to prototype robots. But this was only the beginning. Besides of prototyping our own robots, we received many requests from schools and universities.”

“So we modified the “robot prototyping system” in order to make it easier to be used by students and beginners, while keeping the features needed by advanced users and hackers. And this was still the very early stage. Experience at schools made us to keep things simple and robust.”

Have you tried it something similar? Let us know in the comment box.

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