Engage your Students with Unique Classroom Experiences on any Device Using Nearpod

Engage your Students with Unique Classroom Experiences on any Device Using Nearpod

Nearpod is a great educational app that enables educator to manage their student’s content on iPads, iPods and tablets.

Educators can manage the learning flow by sharing content with their students. With Nearpod - free app, educators get easy-to-manage features to organize students' learning. 

How Can Teachers Use It Effectively?

Nearpod can be used in the classroom for a number of purposes. It can serve as an amazing assessment tool that offers instant feedback as well as opportunities for re-teaching.  For example when students get quiz scores, teachers can take queries to explain faults in their understanding of content in place of waiting till paper is checked and handed over to them.

It serves as an interactive assessments and presentations platform. Teachers can make their own multimedia presentations on their own or can use already-made library. They can easily upload videos, PDF files, audio clips, as well as images. They can also insert MCQs, slide shows, as well as polls, also open-ended questions.

Educators also use Nearpod as a presentation tool to pick and provide their students different presentations. With this tool, students can complete polls and teachers receive results instantly for classroom debate.

Nearpod can also be used as a homework tool, students can easily access their homework outside the class using their own device with free website and app.

Educator dashboard enables teachers to make, edit, preview, start, and monitor presentations. They can track their student progress on various home works and assignments. Teachers can also access as well as download assessment reports. Not just this, they can also shop on the Nearpod store for already-made presentations.

Teachers can teach Maths, Science, and Social Studies using this tool in various ways resulting in critical thinking development in students. One of the main advantages of using this app is students become active contributors in their own learning process whereas educators obtain valuable feedback about their student. 

The tool also offers real-time reports and results to screen student development as well as modify instruction. Nearpod support is wide for everyone; the venture seeks educator teacher feedback time to time and also provides regular webinars and informs about its latest features.

What has your experience been with Nearpod?

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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