Some Popular Game Based Learning Tools for the Common Core

Game Based Learning Tools for the Common Core

Gamification is generally understood as the use of game intelligence and mechanics to engage students in learning process. The proper execution of game based learning and gamification techniques can give great learning results.

This article will suggest some popular game based learning tools for the Common Core

Tools for Mathematics

MangaHigh: Mathematics is the focus of MangaHigh. Here, users will find games that educate students in variety of Math topics like algebra. They can search exactly for those games with specific learning target. It is one of the best ways to ensure that users are choosing a game that entirely focuses on the skills they need to work on.

Prodigy: Prodigy Maths Game is an extremely engaging platform. Prodigy’s modified method quickly classifies gaps in learner’s understanding as well as works. Prodigy is a tool that pulls them back to prerequisite skills.

Numbers & Counting Adventures: Numbers & Counting Adventures offers preschool as well as kindergarten kid games that help them to develop number-recognition skills and build counting. The games also have attractive graphics as well as music. Young kids will enjoy playing it a lot.

Curiosityville: Curiosityville is a highly engaging and delightful game for pre-K 3 kids. It is also available for free trial and the paid version is available for $7.95/month. Gamification elements like rewards are earned by children after solving puzzles. This tool enhances problem-solving, memorizing and investigation skills in students.

IXL: IXL is a free to trial and paid ($199/year and up) platform. The platform helps kids to improve self-confidence in mathematics and teachers can easily track their student’s progress.

Tools for English Language Arts  

Flocabulary: Flocabulary provides best support system to its users. The platform will keep kids focused and educators can tap their students and find out what learning method actually works for them while learning language.

English Club: English club offers whole outline of the English language by breaking down few of its simple parts. Every lesson covers sounds, exact set of letters, as well as words which comprise those sounds and letters. It is available in iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and available for one two eighth grades and is absolutely free.

IXL: IXL - ELA provides over 1000 grade wise activities for kids to practice language arts.

English Online GameZone: English Online GameZone is a platform that provides a great list of games. It addresses topics like spelling, common usage, vocabulary, grammar. When students float their mouse over game title, they can read out what the target level and other description of game. The platform is absolutely free for everyone.

Word Raider: Word Raider is a great option particularly for English language learners. It helps teachers to teach sentence construction, grammar, vocabulary as well as complex text. Games on this platform are committed to aid English language learners and to prepare them for Common Core State Standards.

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