New Adaptive Technology For Higher Ed Market

New Adaptive Technology For Higher Ed Market

Adaptive technology refers to a technology that adapts content to the knowledge level of the learner to create a more personalized learning experience.

Any adaptive technology aims to support the learner and improve learning capabilities of individuals.

With the same aim, McGraw-Hill Education’s CONNECT- Learn Without Limits has recently launched a new adaptive technology for the higher ed market. CONNECT is an integrated learning system that enable learners by continually adapting to provide exactly what they require. It also makes classroom time more effective and engaging by providing quality content and assignments.

Features You Will Have on CONNECT

Adaptive: Smartbook

Available on Connect, SmartBook offers a continually-adapting, personalized reading option that offers learning resources at the time of the need to full-fill knowledge gaps and make study time productive and efficient. Find out in four steps how does it work.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Student Analytics: Connect Insight

Student Analytics: Connect Insight allow learners to take action—in the exact time when they need to improve their performance in the classroom. An instinctive dashboard surfaces, deliver vital information straight to students. Here is what students can access in Student Analytics.

How am I doing compared to the class?

How am I progressing?

What should I do to improve my grades?

Is my time spent studying paying off?

McGraw-Hill education’s CONNECT- Learn Without Limits also offers Instructor Analytics: Connect Insight.

Connect Your Way

Students have the flexibility to buy course resources in whatsoever way they want, enabling them to attain the best results at competitive price. They have four options.

Go All Digital with Connect: Students access course content within Connect.

Go Digital with Connect + Loose-Leaf Pages (Shipped Direct to Student):  Students can access content of course at point of time with reasonable rate.

Go Digital with Connect + Loose-Leaf Pages (Available at Bookstore): Students can take access card to Connect together with a binder-ready and colour copy of the content.

Have you tried it yet?

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