Develop Your First App With Appy Pie

Develop Your First App With Appy Pie

I just published my first app for my upcoming Spanish high school classes. It is an Android app in the Google Play Store called SHS Spanish Classes.

My new app contains the class website, games, a survey, a quiz, some useful Spanish learning websites, a comment page, a podcast page, Spanish music links with lyrics, a resource page, a video from a previous Mystery Skype session with a school in Brazil, and even an in-app purchase page where students can download a sample of a good class project for free.

With Appy Pie, anyone can become a developer in minutes. Developing an app is a three-step process. First, choose an icon and a name for your new app, as well as a background. You can upload your own or use one featured on the site. Second, add pages to the app. This is the process that will take the longest, since there are so many options to consider. Before clicking on “Save and Continue,” the third and final step, be sure to check your new app for errors.  After that, you are no longer allowed to edit it on the free version. 

One reason that you may want to consider staying on the free version is that it can be downloaded on Android devices and iPhones. If you choose to pay $7.00 per month, you can edit it as much as you like, but it will only be available on Android devices. There is a plan available that includes iPhones for $19.00 per month.

Why would I want to have an app available for my students? It’s a great way to meet the millennial students on their turf. I can easily add items over the course of the upcoming school year and even include items suggested by my students. I can post the best projects at the end of the semester to give students credit for their hard work. Developing a new Spanish app can become an exciting project in itself, when students work in groups to develop their own app for publication.

Developing your new app with Appy Pie is certainly an easy way to get started with your own app. You can have your app up and running in 30 minutes. Posting it in the Google Play Store requires you to go through a few more steps, but Appy Pie has great costumer service personnel who are happy to assist you every step of the way. Go ahead, become a developer. 

About the Author
Author: Ruth ValleWebsite:
I am a high school and college Spanish instructor in the East Tennessee area. I am also co-CEO of Ed-Pro Consultants. We are a group of teachers who present webinars on current trends in technology. I was named 2012 Monroe County Teacher of the Year and received the 2014 Hiwassee College Dual Enrollment Innovative Teaching Award.

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