[EdTech in Asia] EdTech Startups from Taiwan You Must Know

[EdTech in Asia] EdTech Startups from Taiwan You Must Know

Beginning in 1989, the Ministry of Education and the National Science Council of Taiwan sponsored an International Biennial Conference organized by different local universities.

The purpose of this conference, the International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE), is to report educational technology research. In Taiwan, after exporting ICCE to the region, the funding agents continue to support an annual conference with a different name, International Conference on Computer Assisted Instruction (ICCAI). This locally organized conference has been held annually since 1994. As a natural result of these activities and consistent support by funding agents, a growing number of international publications are reporting on the more mature results of educational technology.

Professionals in education muse about the current state of educational technology and the impact it has on students, teachers and global community.

Recently, The American Innovation Center (AIC) in Taiwan has teamed up with technology firm International Business Machine’s (IBM's) Taiwan branch to jointly promote digital learning among Taiwanese young people. [Read more about the venture here.]

Have a look at these Taiwan based edtech products and companies, making a mark in the education sector especially in the language learning space and helping the learners:


1) WritePath:

Found in 2009 WritePath provides multi-lingual editing services and online translation solutions. WritePath is a global online solution provider for multi-lingual translation, document editing, proofreading and copy writing.

Top Admit, one of Write Path’s core services provides editing services for college applicants and students.

BizEditor is a crowd-sourced translation platform which assists with daily Chinese translation and English writing / editing needs

Read more about how WritePath expands EdTech solution. Click here.

2) Ufro:

The company is a product developer for the educational market.

One of their product, mozbii is a stylus designed to allow children to simply point and press the device against a surface and capture its color and paint.

 It encourages children, who spend an increasing amount of time on tablets, to explore their environment and the objects around them enhancing their creativity.

3) BoniO:

BoniO Inc. is an EdTech startup based in Taiwan found in the spring of 2014. Its mission is to create the best balance between game and education. The company has provided the sector with an award-winning product PaGamO, first-ever massively serious online gaming platform for education in the world!

The platform creates a perfect balance between game and education making it fun and engaging redefining the ways of learning. Professor Ping-Cheng (Benson) Yeh of National Taiwan University is the first professor to use this social gaming platform for his course. Know more about his experience.

4) QLL:

Quick Language Learning is a company specialized in developing language-learning apps. They launched a break-through Chinese learning gadget.

“Pocket Chinese tutor” it is an mp4 player with Chinese speech assessment function.  It can help learner correct the command over the language. Since its launch in 2007, QLL has developed about 150 iOS and Android apps, which it claims have been downloaded 6.5 million times in Taiwan and now have over 300,000 monthly active users.

Read a review by Catherine Shu, Tech Crunch writer on ‘QLL for International Expansion’ here.

5) Chinese Cubes:

Chinese Cubes is committed to teach you Chinese understanding that each person has different needs and wants to learn on different platforms at different times. They provide learners with lessons via computers tablets peer-to-peer or guided lessons.  Their line of products tries to meet you where are and teach you how you want to be taught. Each function is completely on its own and at the same time each part of their system connects, supports and reinforces the other parts of the system. And they are constantly adding to it. The aim is to help you learn. 

6) Tutor Group:

The EdTech startup that is attracting interest from top EdTech investors is Taiwan-based English-learning is TutorGroup. Tutor Group is an online education platform offering online lessons customized learning materials and more. 

One of the other players in English-learning space is Forumosa.com, which is Taiwan's largest expat website. It’s an online community for all those who want to learn English. The site is dedicated to all those learners who are from Taiwan. It provides the feature of creating groups and with the help of this feature teachers and students can create group to engage in online learning for better understanding of the language.

Are you an education entrepreneur from Taiwan? Are you an educator from Taiwan who loves integrating technology in the classroom? Do share with us the edtech startups and products that you are aware of in the comment box.

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