20 Popular iOS Apps Teachers are Using in their Classrooms

20 Popular iOS Apps Teachers are Using in their Classrooms

When we look at how technology has changed the face of education over the past decade, we can't help but be mesmerized by the fact that most of the best educational apps available on Apple iOS store have flooded the EdTech marketplace.

Below is the list of 20 amazing iOS educational apps that have been helping teachers in the best possible way:   

1) Book Creator

It is only available for iPads, allowing teachers and students to easily create their own iBook by importing images, multimedia, text, and audio. Its simplicity makes it good for students of all ages. The output can only be viewed on iOS devices. Voted best educational app in 2015 bett awards.

2) Slideidea

It is another free tool that allows teachers and students to make presentations come alive. The tool allows users to embed polls, annotate slides, and add audio recordings over images or text on a slide. The idea is to embed the world you are experiencing in your presentation.

3) iMovie

Still the preferred tool for many teachers using iPads or other Apple products in their classrooms. It comes preloaded on the devices, is a powerful tool which lets you enjoy videos and tell stories. It can be used in conjunction with other apps like Green Screen or Tellagami.

4) Rover

The free educational browser that allows you to stream flash content to your iPad. Through Rover, you can access Raz-Kids, BrainPOP, Starfall, and many other sites that do not operate correctly through Safari. It acts as a filter and provide safe web environment.

5) Common Core Standards

All of the Common Core State Standards are at your fingertips on this easy to use app with search capabilities. Includes math and language arts standards for K–12. 

6) 3D- Brain

A free app that lets teachers explain the functioning of human brain in the best way. Detailed structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies and links to modern research.     

7) Edmodo

A free and engaging app providing students and teachers a safe and easy class environment on hand. Teachers can create groups for class discussions, posting assignments and other daily activities of the class. It has been awarded as the 2013 EdTech digest award for the best product. A new Edmodo app for parent has also been designed. 

8) The Elements: A Visual Exploration

The app is based on the best selling book, The Element by Theodore Gray. The app is rich and engaging dealing in periodic tables taking user to the universe one could not imagine.

9) History: Maps of the World

Users can access maps of history and geography through this app.  An interactive map illustrates the shifts that have been made over time. It saves a lot of time of the teachers as all the maps needed for the curriculum of history and geography are available on this app. 

10) MathBoard

This math app is highly recommendable for all k-12 education. The app let teachers guide students in the areas dealing with Addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, squares, cubes, square roots as well as single step algebra equations.  

11) LearnEnglish Great Videos

The app helps students in refining their English skills such as spellings, vocabulary and pronunciation. User learns via watching videos. It also enables students to cross check their performance via various practices.

12) Professor Garfield Cyber Bullying

The app helps teachers in making the students understand about the cyber bullying. The app is in the form of a comic on the famous cartoon character “Garfield”. While reading the student gets an understanding of the various aspects related to cyber bullying.  

13) ClassDojo

This free app is used by teachers to create an interesting, encouraging and positive class environment. Along with teachers, parents can also use the app to get knowledge about their child. It helps teachers in teaching soft skills like curiosity, focus, concentration etc..   

14) Schoology

The app acts as an interactive platform where class discussions can take place, students can submit their assignments and connect with peers. User needs to create a personal account on this app to access all the features. 

15) Mad Libs

The app is a word game where user gets to improve the treasure of English. User can play solo or in groups. The app comes with 21 free stories with content being added all the time. 

16) Sushi Monster

It is an Scholastic’s new game to practice, reinforce, and extend math fact fluency is completely engaging and appropriately challenging. 

The game helps teacher in building students reasoning strategies for whole number additions and multiplication by helping monsters make a target sum or product. User Earns points with each correct answer motivating and an engaging app helping teachers to create math sessions that are enjoyable.

17) Popplet

This app acts as a tool for teachers. By capturing thoughts images and ideas teachers and students can learn to create relationship between them and enhance creativity. Its of  great use for school projects and class notes. 

18) Socrative Student

Students using this app can join teacher’s room with the code provided by the teachers. Students can practice their courses using the app in the form of MCQs, open end questions etc..  Teachers can visualize students and give feedbacks for better performance.

19) Memrise

The app plays the role of a memory coach. Users use this app to learn different languages. The app provides user with an option of more than 10 languages to choose from. Memrise uses memory-enhancing techniques confirmed by extensive scientific research. Which enables user to learn quickly.

20) Poems by Heart

The app, Poems By Heart from Penguin Classics gives access to classic poetry and challenges you to memorize perennial favorites by master wordsmiths. The apps helps user Memorize and reciting poems, which let you, enjoy them at a deeper level and learn them for life. The app comes with 4 free poems plus 30+ poems from the poem shop.

So how many apps have you used from the list above? Also share about other apps you love that are available on iOS.

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