Thinking What the Future of Explaining How Things Work Will Look Like? Check out Explain 3D

Thinking What the Future of Learning and Explaining How Things Work Will Look Like? Check out Explain 3D

Do you remember books like “The Way Things Work“ or “How things work”? These books were best sellers and helped a lot of kids and people understand how things work.

Now, Explain 3D is the future of learning and explaining how things work.

Explain 3D is large interactive encyclopedia of 3D simulations and visualizations that helps kids, teachers or parents to explain and understand, how things work. It also helps to develop logical thinking and imagination. This way of education is more engaging and interesting for students, than traditional educational tools and resources.

Explain 3D in the schools

If you are teacher or educator, you can easily imagine situation, when you want to explain students or children, how some specific thing works. You can describe it, draw it, use pictures or videos. But there is other, better and more interesting way ­ explain it in 3D environment with interactive simulations. You can use desktop or mobile application and show the principle of operation in a new exciting way, make educational process more interesting for students and explanation of new stuff can be more effective.

Currently, there are 2 Explain 3D applications:

Explain 3D: How things work. Generally focused application for everyone who want to know more about things around you. It contains simulation from topics like cars, electricity and energy, tools around us or transport. If you want just try application, feel free to download LITE version.

Explain 3D: How cars work. Car focused application for technical students and teachers, engineers and car fans, who are interested in main car systems and their operation. Application is free and if you like it, you can unlock all other simulations.

how car works explain3d

Technical requirements

Explain 3D is available for iOS, Mac and Android platform. After installing application, all simulations are offline in your device. Application has simple and intuitive interface and navigation in 3D is smooth and user friendly.

Very useful feature of the system is “Suggest simulation” tool. If you did not find some simulation or visualization in Explain 3D, feel free to submit and send your ideas and what are you missing to developers. Explain 3D is frequently updated with new content and your ideas can become part of Explain 3D system.

Explain 3D is unique tool with huge potential. It can help teachers to explain how things work or make education more interesting and engaging. Very interesting are the plans for the future. Except of some useful features, very promising is implementation of virtual reality. Using Google Cardboard, Explain 3D will became cheap tool for interactive education for everyone.

You can find more information about Explain 3D on official website:

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