Making Subjects Magical: Augmented Reality Providing Unforgettable Education

Augmented Reality Providing Unforgettable Education

Augmented Reality is about to change the world of educational system by offering a real-world approach to teaching in schools not only by implementing modern technology but also by using it for different tasks.

Augmented Reality offers the possibility of interactive influence in class activities using videos and sounds and make the students actually imagine everything alive by connecting them to life in just one second. When implemented the new XploreAR app in school, the students got really excited about it, they found it funny and attractive and enjoyed every moment of the 3D AR technology interaction. The app grabbed the students’ attention very quickly and the feedback was really good, their reaction to it was positive, most of them being thrilled by the clarity of sound and images.

XploreAR app can be easily used in the context of storytelling offering the virtual 3D real environment of animation with text and sound so that students can live a fantastic Augmented Reality experience in storytelling. Story reading and learning experience are now engaging the students in an unforgettable process of learning while feeling the real story from the book. Any textbook becomes alive by showing examples of the content and offering an incredible magical story. The process of learning by using Augmented Reality involves the students’ imagination and learning increases their ability of understanding better the content. The app is not only original but also easy to understand and adjustable to the students’ needs. They just love it.

 Imagine all the possibilities the Augmented Reality technology brings into class through real-world virtually 3D imagery which gives students the opportunity to examin things as they are actually real. The Augmented Reality can be successfully used in all types of classes:  History, Geography,  Chemistry,  Physics, Biology, etc. With Augmented Reality technology every subject is instantly more magical and more interesting than you have ever imagined. It represents by far the future of teaching innovation to reach a higher level in education.  

Download  XploreAR app and scan the sample images attached and have an outstanding experience. I would love your feedback.

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Author: Karthees WaranWebsite:
Karthees Waran is the Founder at XploreAR.

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